Skippy Roo, pup with “sparkling personality” and some medical issues finds a ‘furever’ home!

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MILWAUKEE — Skippy Roo — a sweet eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Milwaukee Campus has found a ‘furever home!’

Wisconsin Humane Society officials posted the update to their Facebook page on Tuesday evening, December 29th.

Earlier Tuesday, Humane Society officials reached out to the media to share Skippy Roo’s story in the hopes of finding her a home as quickly as possible.

Baseline bloodwork suggests Skippy Roo has a high likelihood of Cushing’s disease.

Skippy Roo

Skippy Roo

Cushing’s is an endocrine disease that results in excess cortisone production and can lead to increased thirst and urination, increased panting, loss of hair, and darkening/thickening of the skin, among other symptoms.

Though some dogs with Cushing’s may experience lack of energy, Skippy Roo is the polar opposite.

Humane Society staff members said she’s a happy, perky, bright little pup who is always on the move.

Humane Society wanted to find Skippy Roo a home as quickly as possible because as a result of her suspected condition, she’s more susceptible to infections than other dogs.

Officials hoped she would go home before week’s end.

Skippy Roo

Skippy Roo

There is no definitive treatment for Cushing’s disease, but it can be managed and her guardian will need to be committed to working with a veterinarian to develop a treatment plan.

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