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Whoops! Wayward drone lands in prison yard at Waupun Correctional Institution

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FOND DU LAC COUNTY — A wayward drone in Fond du Lac County!

According to the Fond du Lac reporter, on Monday, December 28th, a 32-year-old man contacted the Waupun Police Department — indicating he had lost communication with his drone.

As it turned out, the drone landed behind the walls of the Waupun Correctional Institution.

Right now, the drone’s operator isn’t facing any charges or citations.

Prison staff recovered the drone, and returned it to its owner.

Officials say the drone’s operator had registered it with the FAA, which is a new requirement for drone owners.

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  • molon labe

    LOLZ, That’s NOTHING. Wait until Amazon sends drones to carry packages…haha, who are the field techs going out to find these things when they get shot down or roped in? So stupid. Then disable the gps by shoving it in your microwave (faraday cage) and then….well, I guess you got yourself a drone. Idiots.

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