Heat advisory issued for all of SE Wisconsin from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday

Nearly 30 rabbits rescued from “horrible” conditions in Ozaukee County; one rabbit passed away

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OZAUKEE COUNTY — The Wisconsin Humane Society is on the ground on this Wednesday evening, December 30th rescuing about 30 rabbits from horrible conditions.

Humane Society officials posted about the response on Facebook:


Humane Society officials say they received a call from the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday afternoon. Officials with the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office confirm they are investigating in this case.

One of the rabbits passed away.

We’re told the animals were living in a dilapidated barn in wire cages.

None of the animals had food or water.

Humane Society officials say these rabbits will be in beds Wednesday night — and they’ll soon be seen by veterinarians.

It’s unclear whether anyone is in custody, and we do not know the exact location where this rescue occurred.

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  • Reasonless

    There are people living under these conditions in Milwaukee and no one makes much of a deal out of it.
    I wonder if any of these bunnies were co-sleeping with their young.

    • Sue

      Aren’t u ignorant Reasonless. No Animal or Human deserves to be treated like that. Get a grip. I hope you find yourself homeless with out food or water and then remember the comment that you made here today.

      • Reasonless

        You misunderstand.
        I have animals myself, and believe that no living being or animal should live like this.
        However; I will place human life slightly higher than animal.
        It would appear that the public as a whole, always makes a bigger deal out of a tragedy like this than all of the poor and homeless that are living in conditions just like if not worse than the ones mentioned in this article.
        So if it makes you feel better about yourself, you can wish me into poverty until your heart is content.
        My guess is that you probably do nothing about it with the exception of flap your mouth, type from your keyboard, and pray for evil things to happen to others that you don’t understand.
        I work with the homeless on a regular basis, and have also worked many times with rescue animals.
        I will now add praying for you to my list.
        God Bless, and happy New Year.

      • Sue

        You are so far from the truth. I do alot for the community both animals and human alike. So take your god like complex and bring it down a notch. So just so you take yourself off your high horse the person I am donates to cancer patients.Paid a homeless mans vet bill for his sick cat that was his bestfriend. And we stay in touch just to make sure he also is doing well. For Christmas I donated 100 toothbrushes and toothpaste to the homeless along gloves and hats. So no I don’t sit back and type. This is the first time I responded to such ignorance. And I have many rescue pets myself including horses. So don’t you god bless me because I don’t need your blessings .I Know who I am and how lucky I am to be able to help animals and people. So don’t waste your time praying for me- i don’t need help from someone like you!!!!!

      • John

        You two are really arguing about who is more righteous and what good is better than which? Any news that highlights living beings getting help is a good story. Sickens me to read comments by people who clearly just want to argue. For god’s sake some rabbits living in bad conditions got help! The human race sometimes I swear…

  • Reasonless

    Poor Sue.
    She just don’t get it.

    I don’t claim to be better than anyone.

    I just want to see the people that need help get help.

    Too caught up in herself to see the forest thru the trees.

    Happy New Year everyone and God Bless.

  • Jennifer

    When animals are locked up like this they have no where to go… they can`t escape, they can`t just unlock their cage and walk on over to a shelter or food bank to ask for help….They sit there and wait for help that may or may not come… it`s sad.

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