“Get on the ground!” Woman followed by stolen vehicle leads to wild police pursuit

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MEQUON -- A man speeds through two counties following a stranger and he doesn't slow down even when his car sparks and police pursuit. The incident occurred on Friday, December 18th and was captured on dash cam video.

Intense moments heard on a 911 call -- a woman is frantic to get help while being chased in her car by a stranger through Ozaukee and Milwaukee Counties. As they traveled on the streets of Ozaukee County, Mequon police eventually caught up.

Dash cam shows the stolen silver Honda making a U-turn at Wauwatosa Road, losing the victim and leading police on another wild ride.dash cam

Police say 30-year-old Jesu Gonzalez was behind the wheel -- at times reaching speeds of 100 miles-per-hour.

Jesu Gonzalez

Jesu Gonzalez

"He lost his tire. He lost his tire," said an officer in the dash cam video.

Gonzalez slowed down, only as sparks flew and smoke billowed from the car -- but the chase continued through Milwaukee County.

Gonzalez was weaving through traffic and then made a sudden turn. Police surrounded the car near Appleton and Hope Avenues, and an officer drew his weapon as Gonzalez ran into the street.

In the dash cam video, you can hear an officer saying, "Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Hands behind your back!"Dash cam

Gonzalez is heard denying he's done anything wrong.

"I was going to the gas station right there to get some cigarettes," says Gonzalez in the video.

Police cuff him and take him away to put an end to a dangerous chase that could have been much worse.

Gonzalez has been charged with several felonies including attempted first-degree intentional homicide and fleeing an officer. If convicted, he could spend more than 80 years behind bars.


  • Michael Neals

    i hate the “if” part-convict him. serve the full 80 no short serve, good behavior serve, serve it all. Either way we end up feeding and housing criminals because they cannot get a job they go on welfare, Medicaid, etc. So let them go to jail. At least they are off the streets and not enticing others to a life of crime.

  • KarenRSilva

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