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“We need to expand and grow:” Greenfield mosque finds unlikely home in South Milwaukee

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SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- A Greenfield mosque is expanding to South Milwaukee, and transforming a former Catholic church. Mosque leaders are excited for the new space because they are hoping to not only expand, but also help bring understanding to their new neighbors.

Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid Al-Huda

For the past six years, the Masjid Al-Huda congregation has been growing.

"It has become very congested for us," said Syed Mohiuddin, board member.

So much so, space has been an issue and they've been looking for another building.

"We need to have a place of worship for the Muslims, which we have, but we need to expand and grow," said Mohiuddin.

Syed Mohiuddin

Syed Mohiuddin

Recently, they found a place to grow in an unlikely spot.

"This is what we need in America today," said Mohiuddin.

The St. Adalbert's Church in South Milwaukee, has sat vacant for the past few years. Now, the former Catholic church will be transformed into a mosque.

St. Adalbert's Church

St. Adalbert's Church

"They actually welcomed us with open hands and we were so excited," said Mohiuddin.

Mosque leaders don't just want a bigger space, but also teach a community who they are.

Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid Al-Huda

"We are going to have some backlash. There is no doubt about it, but we are hoping people will see us and they will realize who we are," said Mohiuddin.

"Diversity can bring people together, it should be viewed as strength," said South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks.

Erik Brooks

Erik Brooks

It's something the mayor is encouraged by.

"I think it's important as South Milwaukeeans, that we welcome Masjid Al-Huda to our city," said Brooks.

An old church finding a new home -- because even in difference there are common threads.

"From one place of worship we are going to another place of worship, but the crux of the matter is we are worshiping the same God," said Mohiuddin.

Some renovations still need to be completed. The expansion is expected to be done in March.

Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid Al-Huda

Mosque leaders say the community is welcomed anytime.


  • Cameron

    Hey, Anti, have you noticed people around you wearing t-shirts that say “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing at you. It’s no coincidence.

    • Observant One

      Cameron, now that was funny right there, well said. But, as we all have seen, Islam has proven to be a violent and savage religion, even in our country! We still have to remain vigilant about anyone “expanding and growing” more Mosques. It’s just reality now. Remember, we are the Infidels, regardless of where the Mosque is.

  • Opinion8d

    Diversity? Does anyone see a woman in those pictures?? Where are the Democrats with their ‘war on women’ slogans condemning how Muslims/Islam treats their women???

    • Saich

      I am a Muslim women and let me tell you we are more respected and treated like queens then any other culture or religion. Islam gave so many rights to women. Before women in other societies were ever allowed to vote. Islam gave the right to women to vote. At the time of women being sold to slavery. Islam came and freed women. In current days husbands are the ones responsible for the women (and any children) financially. That doesn’t mean she is not allowed to work, but means her earnings is hers only and his earnings is his and hers. People look at us and think we cover because our husbands force us, but it’s not up to our husbands. we chose to cover for modesty and to cover our treasures instead of putting everything for everyone to see. Why is it okay for nuns to cover and not okay for Muslims to cover. Why is it that now a days women that are half naked is the norm and women that are covered is the odd? We lack so much knowledge about Islam in this country. People learning only from the media is the result of ignorance in this country.

      • Opinion8d

        I appreciate your comment and can understand dressing conservatively. So why are there no women in the pictures? In looking at pictures from Mecca, I don’t recall seeing women there, but then again, there are quite a few people there….

  • Shalom

    I will be peacefully distributing literature that informs what Muslims really believe and teach in the coming weeks and months. Sadly to say they are not a religion of peace. I currently reside in South Milwaukee and feel it is my responsibility as a Christian to defend the truth of the Gospel against all anti-Christian groups. We do not serve the same God, Islam says Jesus is not God, Christianity says he is they both can’t be right. If you would like to join me in my efforts please comment and we will get in touch. (Do not leave any personal information on this blog, as unlike Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims will threaten, find out where you live and even get violent to those that oppose and expose their agenda. For more info on Islam see Dr. Walter Martins writings on the history of Islam Found in his book “Kingdom Of The Cults”. Also search “3rd Jihad” on youtube.)

    • The_414

      SHALOM, Thanks for sharing the information in your post. I will check it out. I am Agnostic. I find my neutrality and freedom from religion to be a powerful and unique position to form stable and independent opinions and to read through the lines so to speak. I find your concerns to be valid. The expansion of Islam in our country and communities is not good for us regardless if you are Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, or Catholic, etc. I think our “political-correctness” and our Constitution is being exploited to advance the Caliphate – and it doesn’t take a Christian to see that. Either way, we all need continue to educate ourselves on this situation and not be too quick too judgement, as that will just cloud our vigilance. We know what we know based on facts and recent events.

    • Bill

      “They are not a religion of peace”

      As if Christianity wasn’t over the course of history. You people are what is wrong with America.

    • ibn nate

      Allaah says (translation of the meaning), “They intend to put out the Light of Allah (i.e. the religion of Islam, this Quran, and Prophet Muhammad SAW) with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate (it).” Chapter 61:8

      This beautiful religion will continue to spread no matter who condemns it, but it’s obligatory upon Muslims to continuously speak out against heinous terrorist acts. Please read the following:

    • southmilwaukee witch

      A man born of woman is not a God just a Man that thinks he can control everything.. that is just wrong on so many levels. of Earth and Sky…

    • Saich

      Hahahaha!!!! You crack me up. I think all you need is psychological help. I feel saddened for ignorant people like you. We do believe in the same God like it or not. Allah is just a Arabic word which translate to God. The one and only God to created the heavens and the earth. We also believe in Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary. We believe he is a prophet. A prophet who came to spread the word of God. How can Jesus be God? The world existed before Jesus was born. God is neither born or dies. That is the main difference between Islam and Christianity. We believe in all the same prophets. After Jesus, generation after generation people started saying Jesus is God which was changing what Jesus came to teach us. God sent the final prophet Muhammad to correct us. That is the difference. Learn about Islam before you try to tell people our religion.

  • Shmaryahu

    The Jewish community welcomes the peaceful and loving religion of Islam. We are brothers and sisters who believe in the same God. We need to bind together to fight against those who say that God does not exist! My Rabbai and I will be visiting the mosque soon!

    • Yamit

      Shamaryahu, I agree with you. I live in South Milwaukee and I’m very happy to see Muslims down here. Just like Muslims have people who spread evil and hate, the Jewish people have such who spread hate and make fights for no reason. I think we should be living in peace and harmony with the Christians. I think that it is the best time to have good relationships with Muslims.

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