Manitowoc Co. assistant DA on Steven Avery documentary: “We’re getting threats daily”

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MANITOWOC COUNTY -- The popularity of a Netflix documentary that focuses on a Manitowoc County man continues to grow, less than a month after the documentary was released. The "Making A Murderer" documentary has led to calls to release Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who are each serving life sentences for the death of a young photographer, Teresa Halbach. The documentary has led to threats against Manitowoc County officials and the prosecutors in this case.

"We`re getting threats. The sheriff`s department is getting threats daily," Michael Griesbach said.

Michael Griesbach

Michael Griesbach

Griesbach is an assistant district attorney in Manitowoc County. He worked there in 2003 when Avery first made national headlines. He was exonerated for a rape he did not commit.

Avery had spent 18 years in prison.

"I was troubled by it and that was a large reason for my working on this book," Griesbach said.

Griesbach wrote a book about Avery, and now serves on the board for the Innocence Project.

Michael Griesbach, The Innocent Killer

Michael Griesbach, The Innocent Killer

Griesbach says he believes Avery is guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach in 2005.

"I think that the evidence throughout has been clear and it's clear to this day," Griesbach said.

Griesbach said he doesn't buy the implication made in the Netflix documentary that evidence was planted by law enforcement officials as retribution for Avery's $36 million lawsuit against Manitowoc County after his exoneration.

The Calumet County District Attorney (Ken Kratz) prosecuted Avery in the Halbach murder case.

"I thought (the Netflix documentary) was horribly one-sided. It was agenda-driven," Griesbach said.

Netflix "Making A Murderer"

Netflix "Making A Murderer"

The documentary has motivated hundreds of thousands of people to sign petitions calling on President Barack Obama and Governor Scott Walker to pardon Steven Avery.

Walker said on Tuesday, January 5th that won't happen.

"Just because a documentary on TV says something doesn't mean that's what the evidence shows," Walker said.

Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach

Walker is actually the only person who could set Avery free. The president cannot pardon or release someone charged with a state offense.

Avery's defense attorney Dean Strang appeared on FOX News Channel on Tuesday evening and responded to prosecutor Ken Kratz's complaints that the documentary leaves out key evidence.

"The fact is that his best arguments, his best evidence made it -- and indeed claims that he made that weren`t evidence made it into this film. It was fair," Strang said.

Dean Strang on FOX News Channel

Dean Strang on FOX News Channel

Griesbach says there's only one way Avery could get a new trial.

"If new evidence were to present itself that was not known at the time," Griesbach said.

Griesbach says "Making A Murderer" fails to include some evidence, and never shows any cross examination or rebuttal from Avery's criminal trial.

Brendan Dassey

Brendan Dassey

That said, Griesbach does think the documentary raises some legitimate questions about the questioning of Brendan Dassey. Questions as to whether the techniques used with Dassey were coercive, and whether Dassey had fair legal representation.

There is currently a federal habeas petition alleging that Dassey's constitutional rights were violated and it requests that his conviction be vacated.

"Making A Murderer" was released on Netflix on December 18th.

Just below, you can watch the segment on FOX News Channel's Kelly File featuring Avery/Dassey prosecutor Ken Kratz, and Avery defense attorney Dean Strang:


  • grunt

    Threats from cowards sitting behind a computer are almost the same as being buzzed by an annoying fly. At least the fly has more dedication.

    • SABD

      How do you know that they were made from behind a computer? Your assumptions smacks of the same illegitimate and hoax of evidence that Manitowoc County Officials and Prosecution used to indict these two people. If you think on the side of these corrupt officials and are party to their malfeasance in these two cases, then your just as much a blind fool as the rest of the hokey comments who always lean on the side of the law, except when it comes to taxes. What a bunch of sheep!

  • Manitowoc Sucks

    This just goes to show its all in who you know and who you blow. The whole case was screwed up when they didnt look at ANYONE ELSE but Avery. How sad that everyone is so certain he did it, yet they can’t even prove that the bones were burned on the property. Funny.

  • Greg

    It’s about time someone showed what police, prosecuters and Judges are capable of doing to people ruin life’s and what recourse dose a person have. Open your eyes people a badge or a robe does not make them superheroes but it does give them the ability to do what they want weather right ore wrong. And yes I am speaking of the show MAKING a MURDERER
    Keep up the good work Netflix maybe more people will wake up.

  • Barb Walton Elias

    You will pay all you lying corrupt POS’s will pay, the lord is the judge and you will see. This life is temporary but the next is eternal.

  • Veronica

    The governor needs to open his eyes ,this is a bunch of BS. Something needs to be done about this. It’s ridiculous and that county and governor should be embarrassed!!!
    Free Avery!!! This is all a set up!!!

    • Bobby Daren

      My money is on Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych. Teresa’s brother Mike Halbach, her ex-boyfriend Ryan Hillegas are suspicious too.

    • LB

      It could have been anybody…… happens all the time. That is a real part of the problem with this case is that they never seriously looked anywhere other than at Steven Avery. Perhaps it was the person who’s number from her cell phone bill that called her was it a dozen times? One of her coworkers testified that she had been getting bothersome phone calls. Perhaps her ex boyfriend. Could have even been the MCSD…. people in those fields are not exempt from these kinds of crimes. Ask that General in the Canadian army that was raping and killing women.
      If they hadn’t rushed in like a bull in a china shop and made a mess of the crime scene, not been biased and more concerned with making sure Steven got convicted, had they had some integrity and not broken legal ethical issues, they might have found out. Ten years after a case is closed is a long time to try and be re visiting evidence and stories. That is just one more issues of that whole farce.

  • Bill Meade

    your forced videos are using mobile bandwidth I pay for, I’m given no choice to stop the video, it just automatically starts..I had to search to find out where it was playing from… your choice of advertisement is a poor decision
    I will read/watch my news elsewhere

  • Dan Gillette

    Has the Governor watched the documentary? He dismisses our concerns very arrogantly. Sir, your state just went through a public audit and it didn’t go too well. Ignore the risk to your state’s reputation “at your own peril”.

  • David Stephan

    “Just because a documentary on TV says something doesn’t mean that’s what the evidence shows,” Walker said.
    Thank you Mr. Walker! Your a brilliant politician who wanted to lead our country back to greatness- My Question is:
    “Mr. Walker, what does the evidence show?” Oh – Not Guilty!

  • Dan

    Did anyone else read or hear Mr. Griesbach actually say that he thought Avery was guilty…? Are we sure this isn’t another case of crappy reporting by Fox where they insinuate a story to come to a conclusion that they think is correct? Come on guys. We all should hopefully know the media and news are here solely for fear mongering BS to make their viewers concerned about life but please try and relay actual truths that you attach to your head lines.

  • John Conners

    Griesbach , the Manitowoc Sheriff, deputies, Ken Kratz and the judge have about as much credibility as Bernie Madoff or OJ Simpson. What a corrupt, snakepit of vile thugs. Hopefully they will all be behind bars soon. And to think the citizens of this s-hole community continue to elect such bottom feeding scum.

  • W. Harris

    The entire prosecution team in the Avery case deserve every single bit of harassment they get, and they should thank God for it because if justice was served they WOULD NOT like the kind of harassment they would get in prison. Shame on that judge and shame on the D.A. , all of them

  • Jackie

    There are a lot of very uneducated , gullible and weak-minded people that will believe ANYTHING they see in a false and made up documentary. They would believe in mermaids, unicorns and fairies if someone made a Nexflix doc. about them!@ The fact is these two MONSTERS are guilty as sin! The admitted to everything and everyone around here knows that they in fact raped, murdered, dismembered and burned the body of this poor girl. Lots of ignorant conspiracy theorists and sheeple out there in this world.

    • LB

      Yes, and you are one of them.
      There is no PROOF or rape. NONE ZIPPO NAUGHT Only a interrogation of a young man, that was agreeing to things, so he could get out of there. Even when he tried to say he didn’t do it…. his own bloody defense person was telling what to put down. That is NOT a confession of a guilty person. There is NO PROOF, only a young man that insinuated they did it. There is no evidence as proof. NO blood, NO DNA, NO markings on the bed, NOTHING on the mattress or carpet.

      • mark musial

        Colborn found the rav and body outside the property…..took body to Co. shop, chipped it up and burned….drove truck to salvage yard, dumped bones in pit…..later planted bullet(.22 don’t go through skulls or end up perfectly round), blood and key……how he has not been charged with perjury is beyond me, he called in license plate # 2 days before truck was found yet under oath said he was NOT looking at the plate at the time, Bobbi Dassey, step-dad or ex-boyfriend killed her.

  • mark musial

    Why didn’t the FBI test the blood in the tube for edta…my guess is it would have been negative for edta also, making the FBI testimony null and void!

  • Mandrew Garfielf (@IamGarfieldNow)

    The thing is no one feels bad for the prosecution team and police who repeatedly lied, planted evidence, and covered up a murder. Kratz’s behavior afterward should have cast immediate doubt on the case when he was caught sexting victim of domestic abuse and trying to coerce them into sex for prosecuting her ex. These shows his character and the type of person who would try someone regardless if they were innocent or not, because he was told to do it by the same individuals who framed Dassey and Avery.

  • Justiceforstevenavery

    Griesbach you must not have saw the same evidence I saw. The entire sh*show was consistently handled incorrectly. I hope people make good on those threats. People like you, your corrupt sheriff’s, and your corrupt power figures in that county are the exact reason why people are fed up. I hope a revolution is coming to your corrupt government.

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