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Mayor Barrett one of three mayors to stand with President Obama as he made gun control announcement

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Barack Obama on Tuesday, January 5th announced a series of executive actions designed to reduce gun violence and expand background checks for gun buyers. This, as Republicans say the move is an abuse of power.

Pres. Barack Obama

Pres. Barack Obama

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was with President Obama Tuesday as the announcement was made.

He spoke with reporters when he returned to Milwaukee from Washington, D.C. He says he's hopeful the plan will prevent more lives from being lost to gun violence, as critics say it won't change much.

Barrett was just one of three mayors at the White House for the announcement.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

He is optimistic President Obama's actions will help prevent future gun tragedies. Opponents say the move is overreaching.

"Today was very, very personal. It was very raw. There were a lot of emotions," Mayor Barrett said. "This is not about preventing things in the past. It`s about preventing things in the future."

Barrett stood with President Obama as he announced an executive order requiring background checks for more gun sales.

"This is not about sportsmen. This is not about self-defense. This is about making sure that our communities, both urban, suburban and rural are safe," Mayor Barrett said.

Barrett says he stands with those affected by gun violence.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting victims

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting victims

Pardeep Kaleka lost his father in the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek.

"I was one of those people that thought it would never affect and one Sunday morning it did," Kaleka said.

Proponents of President Obama's action say this will help stop criminals from owning a firearm.

Critics say President Obama's action won't do much.

Jim Fendry

Jim Fendry

"It`s just saber rattling," Jim Fendry said.

Fendry is the director of the Wisconsin Pro-Gun Movement.

"Anything is available to anybody if they want to violate the law to get to it," Fendry said.

Fendry says President Obama's actions are overreaching.

"There`s going to be a huge backlash. I`m sure it won`t ever go into effect during the president`s administration," Fendry said.



  • libertarian

    Strip America of guns with a total door to door gun confiscation! Get a strong dictatorship government established with total command over its people. Make the free America a thing of the past and prosperity for the poor. Coexist with all of humanity.

  • molon labe

    Did Tommy CRY too? He should’ve, I would’ve tossed my cookies if Barrett would’ve shed a tear. How pathetic and desperate! Gun control laws and no weapons signs have no effect on the crazy since the killer is bent on committing a publicly visible murder and is thus unlikely to be much deterred by gun control law, or sign posted on a window by the prospect of encountering an armed bystander.
    You can’t cure crazy–remember when you tore down all of the Milwaukee Mental Health facilities in the 80’s? That was a great idea. Now they’re almost all out on the street…Great ideas guys.

  • andy g

    What a mindless idiot. People are letting emotions get in the way of reality, the fuhrer wants people to think that paperwork will slow or stop crime, some will believe anything. We will see what happens with the next mass shooting in a gun free zone.

  • grunt

    Mayor Tom has an armed security detail protecting him.
    When Mayor Tom calls the police, the cops will be there in minutes.
    Mayor Tom is pretty safe in his exclusive neighborhood. Most of us can’t afford to live there.

    • actor

      He had VIC’s VAPOR RUB on his LEFT finger(s). He rub his left eye (outer corner) first with the Vic’s, (menthol). Paused……….Rubbed right eye (under) with same hand and finger, possibly worried it wasn’t enough on one eye. Left eye menthol creates enough irritation now that it waters finally….hence the long pauses. I know, I’ve had to do this. Barry doesn’t care about the American people. He’s a criminal and everybody knows it that’s awake. he is a LIAR:

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