37-year-old Milwaukee woman is a Packers Fan Hall of Fame finalist: “It’s been amazing”

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GREEN BAY -- Packers fans are no doubt celebrating after Green Bay's 35-18 playoff VICTORY vs. the Washington Redskins on Sunday, January 10th -- one of them probably a little more than most. 37-year-old Sara Wisniewski is a Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame nominee -- one of just three from southeastern Wisconsin.

Sara Wisniewski

Sara Wisniewski

When the Packers are playing, Wisniewski is intense.

"Way back in the day it would be like if you called me, you would have to be dying or something," Wisniewski said.

She says she's gotten better since becoming an aunt.

"I mean, I`m a little more mature now so I understand we have DVRs," Wisniewski said.

Sara Wisniewski

Sara Wisniewski

As a reward for her loyalty to the team, Wisniewski is a Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame finalist.

"It`s been, it`s been awesome," Wisniewski said.

Being named a finalist is something she calls a dream come true.

"I never thought it would actually happen for me and I`m like -- close," Wisniewski said.

"She`s the type of person who should get this," Katie Torres said.

Sara Wisniewski

The Packers have been a bright spot for Wisniewski in the midst of multiple back surgeries related to her dwarfism.

"Even right now she`s hurting and you don`t even see it. She`s got back issues going on and she`ll smile and go through it and 'go Pack,'" Torres said.

Sara Wisniewski

Sara Wisniewski

Wisniewski even accepted the challenge of climbing dozens of steps to her family's seat at Lambeau Field.

"Those steps are ridiculous -- so I would have to crawl up and every time I would be there I would stay the whole game there would be no potty breaks," Wisniewski said.

When surgery stopped her from watching the Packers in person at Lambeau, she cheered on the green and gold from home.

"Eight years ago, that was my last back surgery, so I missed the whole season," Wisniewski said.

Sara Wisniewski

Sara Wisniewski

If chosen, Wisniewski says having her name in the Packers Fan Hall of Fame would be worth more than all the memorabilia she's collected.

"I think all of my emotions -- crying, cheering, would be coming out if I actually got it," Wisniewski said.

Wisniewski is one of three Packers Fan Hall of Fame nominees from southeastern Wisconsin.

Below is Wisniewski's story, via Packers.com:

Nominated By: Jim Wisniewski and Family

It is our honor to nominate Sara Anne Wisniewski for the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame. Sara, a 37 year old woman, has been a lifelong Packers fan. She was born with dwarfism and has many obstacles in her life, having gone through a dozen surgeries ranging from eye, back, and legs. During all the hard times, she has always had a ray of sunshine by supporting her Green Bay Packers.

As a child, Sara loved sports especially football, but was limited in her ability to participate because of her size. This, however, did not deter her from being a loyal Packers Fan. Sara followed the Packers with a passion few fans share. Her favorite choice of clothing is Packers logo attire. Sara would have her family travel to Packers summer camp long before this became popular with fans. Sara would stand and seek autographs from any player willing to sign. Needless to say she received her fair share over the years, highlighted by having her picture taken with Favre during his first training camp and having the picture autographed the following summer.

Sara's family has the Gold Package season tickets. Sara would have to climb up to row 43 in section 135. This was not an easy task for someone with Sara's disability; however, she made the climb with pride and determination. She was not to be denied cheering on her beloved Packers. When the south section opened Sara's family decided to move to make it easier for her to continue to attend games. Now, the climb is not as difficult, but it still is a challenge to get into the stadium.

Sara regularly attends players' autograph sessions. Sara has a collection of Packers memorabilia signed by Rodgers, Favre, Matthews, Driver and many more. In addition, Sara has two brothers, two nephews and a niece who she dresses in the most current Packers attire. Her favorite gift to her loved ones is giving everyone a sideline winter Packers hat at Christmas. Sara always has a knack for purchasing these hats before they sell out.

When the Packers sold Lambeau Field sod after Super Bowl XXXI, Sara was one of the first to purchase sod. Sara planted the sod at her grandfather's grave who she never met but heard stories of his Packers loyalty. She wanted him to have a piece of grass that one of his heroes, Bart Starr played on. Sara's family also has a brick symbolizing how important the organization is to not only to her but also to her family.

It is really easy to see Sara is the ultimate Packers Fan when all you have to do is open her closet and see green and gold and realize that green and gold runs thru her veins, too.

"I am completely honored and beyond excited about the nomination to the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. As a Packers fan, this is a dream come true for me! Thank you for your support!" --Sara Wisniewski

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