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5’4″ point guard can shoot three-pointers like NBA stars, and she’s just 14 years old

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PITTSBURGH — WNBA fans — Cali Konek could be your future hero. The 14-year-old Pittsburgh girl is making three-pointers like there’s no tomorrow.

Konek averages 45 points per game. She is the second-leading scorer in the state of Pennsylvania — and she’s just a freshman.

Konek plays for Imani Christian Academy.

“I like to shoot a lot — well anywhere really,” Konek said.

That includes NBA three-pointers.

Her father says he noticed his daughter’s talent around third-grade. At that young age, Konek wanted to get better.

“We actually, at that age, we found a trainer named Howard Dorsey in Pittsburgh and I started bringing her down and I never stopped,” Ken Konek said.

Then it was AAU. So that she could play against the best of the best, her parents took her to Philadelphia.

Now at Imani Christian, Konek stays in the gym for 30 minutes after each practice.

“I’ll normally do this and then go on the shooting machine and just shoot around,” Konek said.

Her game high? 59 points!

“I never knew I would score that much in a game — but my expectations were to help my team. I never knew I’d score that many points,” Konek said.

“Me coaching Cali, it’s like a joy because her attitude and humility has transitioned into our teammates,” Tru Dixon, Imani Christian Academy basketball coach said.

“She can shoot from anywhere. She can just do most things other people can’t do. Up and down the court she don’t need breaks she just keeps going and I have to keep going with her,” Lexus Santiago, Konek’s teammate said.

It’s safe to say, for this 5’4″ point guard, the best is yet to come.

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