Flash flood watch for multiple counties Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning

Bitterly cold start to the work week has police issuing an important warning

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MILWAUKEE -- We're in for a bitterly cold start to the work week -- and that has Milwaukee police issuing a reminder.

The Milwaukee Police Department tweeted the following message on Sunday, January 10th:

Police say a vehicle with the keys inside provides an opportunity for thieves -- and we have seen a number of thefts of vehicles in recent weeks and months in and around Milwaukee.

Peak hours for these thefts are between 4:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Police suggest using a remote starter or getting a club to the lock the wheel instead.

Milwaukee police say there are about ten cars typically targeted for thefts. The model years are usually 2006 and older. Topping the list -- the Dodge Caravan model 2006 and older.

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  • ebal nolom

    Yeah, duh. They’re watching you….. They’ll watch you from a far, using their ears…they’ll watch you run into your car and start it up, then home boy will tell the other home boy it’s ok…homei 1 will run and jump in da cah and pick up homei #2.

  • chris

    Amazing how nowadays we need reminders for basic common sense. Another safety tip..it’s cold out, please wear coats.

  • Liberallawsneedaxed

    What’s completely stupid about Milwaukee is they have an ordinance against leaving cars running unoccupied, so even if you ARE using a remote starter, you can still get a ticket (Unlikely but still possible). Pretty dumb since remote starters don’t allow the vehicle to actually be driven – the vehicle actually shuts down if you touch the brake pedal, at least mine does. Just another “Big Brother” overzealous Milwaukee ordinance.

  • Save our city

    You know what’s really stupid is not being able to warm up your car in milwaukee county because someone might steal your car. Maybe if we had a functioning police department that didn’t allow felons to run rapid in the streets with guns robbing and stealing we could all warm up are vehicles like people do in every other town and city in Wisconsin. I mean they got enough extra time to drive around looking for idling cars on private property and issue citation for warming up your car on your own property which you pay hefty taxes on for policing of your neighborhoods. It’s an absolute disgrace!! We can’t control the crime so we’re going to ticket the tax paying citizen! That’s easier then to go out and hunt down criminals.

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