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Madison officer who fatally shot Tony Robinson won’t return to patrol duties this year

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MADISON — The Madison police chief says the officer who fatally shot Tony Robinson won’t return to patrol duties this year.

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny and Tony Robinson

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny and Tony Robinson

Chief Mike Koval says officer Matt Kenny will continue working behind-the-scenes for the department.

Koval cites a community need to heal. The chief first mentioned Kenney’s 2016 work assignment in a December blog post.

Kenny shot 19-year-old Tony Robinson in an apartment house in March. Kenny said Robinson started punching him after he entered the building to investigate sounds of a disturbance. Witnesses said Robinson, who was high on mushrooms, had assaulted two people moments before the encounter.

Prosecutors cleared Kenny of any criminal wrongdoing in May. An internal investigation found he violated no police policies. Kenny returned to work in June.


  • Opinion8d

    The community needs time to heal??? Yeah, let the inmates run the asylum!!! Can the officer now sue the Robinson’s for the stress he deals with and not being able to continue working his beat?? When are we going to get some real leadership and tell these people to stick it. Maybe we should just pull all LEO so the ‘community’ doesn’t have to live in fear…..and we wonder how we get to the point the WIAA says you can only cheer in a positive way…..JOKE!

  • wth

    Bring back the old days of chief briar motorcycle cops and the hanging judge seraphim. Stop coddling these low life felons and blm entitlement safe space coexist prius driving liberals. Just sayin..

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