Class-action lawsuit claims EOS lip balm damages skin, company says suit “without merit”

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A class-action lawsuit claims the popular lip balm by EOS causes skin to crack, bleed and blister.

The plaintiff in the suit, Rachael Cronin, says within hours of applying the balm, her lips felt like “sandpaper.” So she applied more.

As a result, Cronin says her lips started cracking, flaking and bleeding, creating blisters and rashes which lasted 10 days.

Photo credit: Geragos & Geragos

The suit — filed by Mark Geragos — asks for damages and demands corrective advertising.

On Wednesday night, January 13th, EOS took to social media to say they believe the lawsuit is “without merit:”

“Some of you may have seen reports of a lawsuit filed against our company. We wanted to be sure that you, our valued customers and fans, know that the health and well-being of our customers is our top priority.

Our products are safe to use, are made with the highest quality ingredients and they all meet or exceed all safety and quality standards set out by our industry.

An independent laboratory puts each of our products through a battery of rigorous testing to ensure this is the case. For these reasons, we firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit, and we will continue to create new and exciting products that delight our customers. Thank you. EOS”


  • Kendra Rosenow

    Thus exact thing has happened to me after receiving some Eos brand ChapStick for Christmas and I did not know the cause of the rash and irritations. This would make A LOT of sense, you guys need to figure out what in your product is doing this because it is awful to feel the way your lip balm makes people feel. I am going to look more into this and encourage all my friends and family to stop using this product until something is done to solve this problem.

  • Sara

    I also experienced a cracking cut in the “corner” of my mouth. I was using my eos lip balm more frequently than I normally had, but I didn’t think anything of it. But I remembered my mom telling me about this story. So, I figured I’d give up the eos for a few days and see if it made a difference. And it did. My mouth is healing now, whereas before I stopped using the eos lip balm it seemed to keep getting worse.Strange. This seriously needs to be investigated!

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