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There’s a right way to lift, whether at the gym or at home, so you don’t hurt yourself

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MILWAUKEE -- Whether you're at the gym or at home, there is a right way to lift things so you don't hurt yourself.

Nick Rosencutter, owner of Rosencutter Ultra Fitness & Performance joined Studio A on Wednesday, January 13th with some tips.

How to Properly Bend Over and Lift

1. Stand with your feet about hip distance apart or slightly wider and think about pushing the floor apart with your feet.

2. While maintaining a solid/neutral back position, push your hips back as you bend through your hips with knees slightly bent.

3. Once your hips stop moving, squeeze your glutes (butt muscles) to drive your hips forward again into a standing position. Stop once your hips and trunk are in line.

  • Before lifting something, inhale through your nose and fill your belly, sides, and back with air. Exhale through your mouth as you approach the top/end of the lift.
  • Before you move anything, get tight and build tension from your armpits down to your feet.
  • Don't excessively arch your low back at any time and don't round your back. We want a slightly arched, stable, neutral back position.
  • Learn to feel your body hinge at your hips.
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