Two senators from Milwaukee visit Lincoln Hills, juvenile correctional facility investigated for abuse

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IRMA -- Two Wisconsin lawmakers from Milwaukee on Thursday, January 14th visited a juvenile correctional institution that is being investigated for abuse. The investigation includes the FBI.

Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) and Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd (D-Milwaukee) were joined by family members of residents of the Lincoln Hills School in Irma.

Lincoln Hills School

Lincoln Hills School

The senators held listening sessions with the juveniles that live at the facility about how they are being treated.

More than half of the population of juveniles at Lincoln Hills are from Milwaukee. The senators say the purpose of their trip was to show those at Lincoln Hills that those in Milwaukee are watching.

Senator Lena Taylor

Senator Lena Taylor

"I have to say it was powerful," Senator Taylor said.

"It was really a monumental day where our young people saw that their community wrapped their arms around them and that their legislators are listening," Harris Dodd said.

Wisconsin Department of Justice officials say the investigation at Lincoln Hills School has been going on for about a year. Governor Scott Walker says the allegations will likely result in criminal charges.

Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd

Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd

Sixteen staff members were placed on administrative leave following a raid of the facility in December. Two state administrators lost their jobs.

Yolanda Brown's 15-year-old son told her staff members were abusive, forceful and would sometimes make sexual comments.

"I heard from my own child that sometimes, criminal stuff was going on inside the facility," Brown said.

Yolanda Brown

Yolanda Brown

Brown joined the senators for their trip to Lincoln Hills on Thursday.

Brown says she believes the facility is now safe. However, despite that, she wants it shut down. She says the juvenile offenders from Milwaukee that are there are too far from home.

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  • Cameron

    A reminder you kidding me? “They are too far from home”. Exactly the point. These juveniles aren’t at Lincoln Hills because because they are exemplary students and contributing members to society. They are there for robbery, rape, possession of firearms, car jacking assault, the list could go on. Oh Boo hoo, a guard made a sexual comment. Some of these juveniles are violent offenders whose only mindset is to fight, fight, fight. How is staff supposed to respond? Maybe they should interview the staff to see how many times their lives were threatened, or they wereally threatened with physical harm, or sexually harassed. We aren’t talking about a resort where juveniles go to vacation. We are talking about a secure facility for juveniles who have been found a menace to their communities. Shut it down? And put these juveniles where, exactly? Please, tell me where they will go instead.

  • chris

    Maybe if your kids weren’t disrespectful bada$$ thugs they wouldn’t be at that school. Now their feelings are hurt because correction officers are treating your kids like your kids treat society? Boo hoo.. figures 2 democrats would be spearheading this crap.

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