He cannot lie: Seattle man gets texts meant for Sir Mix-A-Lot after ending up with his old number

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SEATTLE -- A Seattle man is getting text messages meant for a Sir-Mix-A-Lot -- a Seattle musical icon.

"I have Sir Mix-A Lot's old 206 phone number," Jonathan Nichols told Q13 FOX in Seattle.

Nichols said he is considering getting a new phone number because having Sir Mix-A-Lot's old number has made him feel like he's had a "Posse on Broadway."

Nichols said he was in need of a new cell phone, and he decided to get a new 206 phone number to go with it.

It wasn't long before the calls and messages started coming in.

Nichols said he's received pictures of women wearing bikinis and offers for luxury vehicles.

"Then I realized this guy is probably famous. It wasn't until his birthday and my phone started blowing up and I knew who the celebrity is -- and now I don't care if it's disruptive. It's just funny," Nichols said.

While Nichols has never spoken to Sir Mix-A-Lot directly, Q13 reports others have passed along a message from the rapper, whose real name is Anthony Ray: Don't check any text messages on that phone in front of your wife.

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