Mike Tate, former chairman of Wisconsin Democratic Party now working for Milwaukee Bucks

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Mike Tate

MILWAUKEE — Mike Tate, the former chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party is working as a lobbyist for the Milwaukee Bucks at City Hall.

Most recently, Tate attended a Milwaukee Common Council committee meeting on Tuesday, January 12th, where the Bucks arena district zoning and master plan passed unanimously.

Tate confirmed after that meeting that he is working for the Bucks — but declined to comment further.

Tate was chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party for six years — ending in June 2015.

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  • Wyvern

    So, the owners, who have stated publicly that they love Hillary, now hire the disgraced former Dem party head. So, we can expect now that the Bucks are an uber liberal organization and their political slant will creep into promotions and such. They can deal then with the consequences of bringing their lefty politics into their business. No wonder why they wanted everyone else to pay for their building.

  • Wyvern

    Tate was so good he got fired from his last job. His foresight was so good, that Gov Walker is inside his office and not inside a jail cell as both Little Man Tate and Drunky Zielinski screamed. Quality staffing there Bucks. You are who you associate with. Losers.

  • Adm

    Another reason to never attend another Bucks game. Don’t waste your time or money on these crooks and libraries babies.

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