Two teens arrested, third sought after carjacking incident on Milwaukee’s north side

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Milwaukee police

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police arrested two teenagers who stole an elderly woman’s car at gunpoint after that car crashed on Milwaukee’s north side on Thursday, January 14th.

Officers from District 5 responded to the neighborhood near 19th and Congress around 2:20 p.m. for a report of an armed robbery. The victim, an 87-year-old Milwaukee woman, told officers several males approached her — and one of them, armed with a gun, demanded her car. That suspect along with two others got in her car and fled from the scene.

Officers responding to the scene saw the woman’s car near 20th and Atkinson. As they were about to perform a traffic stop, the car crashed into a snow bank.

Three males fled from the car on foot and officers arrested two of them, a 16-year-old Milwaukee male and a 15-year-old Milwaukee male.

MPD continues to search for the third occupant and other suspects that may have been involved in the initial armed robbery.


  • Itsabouttime

    All of them are a POS. Parents do your dam job you brought them into this world now take care of them like your suppose too. So sick of hearing about this every single day and then if 1 of them are shot then the pity party comes out. Put them in Jail for good done with this BS!!

    • Fred

      Take a big gulp of this kool-aide………
      You don’t understand…it’s all about entitlement. If you have what they want, they’re entitled to just take it without any repercussions. For most of these criminals, they grew up in a household with no family structure, no education, no jobs. The family business is sitting on the porch all day waiting for the welfare check to arrive. They have proven that their business is a success and you don’t have to work for anything….if they don’t give it to you for free, just take it from someone else! If you have money and they don’t, you owe them.

      Thanks liberal American Legislators and City Leaders for enacting policies that perpetuate this lifestyle.
      BTW, please don’t put them in jail, they’re just kids who are trying to turn their lives around but can’t seem to do so because they have no opportunities.

      • Michael Neals

        True Fred. My comment got deleted because I said IF they families of these skipping school kids were on any quest, heat assist etc the assistance should stop for the entire people living under the roof, I guess that’s racist? It’s not meant to be. If you are on assistance and are home all day no reason for your kids to NOT be in school. Doesn’t matter what color you are-taxpayers are paying to feed, clothe, house , medical care etc the least you can do is keep them in school. Get them educated and OFF the system.

  • Michael Neals

    Skipping school should = no quest, rent assist, medicaid etc for everyone living under the same roof with all of these boys.

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