Woman creates GoFundMe page asking the world to pay her back for money spent on Powerball tickets

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NEW YORK — A woman who claims to have spent all her money on Powerball tickets asked for donations from the public by setting up a GoFundMe page.

According to Yahoo News, the woman named Cinnamon Nicole, raised more than $800 in just seven hours on her Powerball Reimbursement GoFundMe page.

Nicole says she  blew all her money in an unsuccessful attempt to win the $1.6 billion, according to the GoFundMe page description.

Please help me and my family as we have exausted all of our funds. We spent all of our money on lottery tickets (expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need of cash. With your small donation of at least $1.00, a like  and one share, I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again! PLEASE, won’t you help a family in need. DONATE NOW.

By Friday morning, Nicole’s GoFundMe page was shut down. It’s not clear if she shut it down herself or if the site deleted her page.


    • KellyEAndrews

      …G­­o­­­o­­­g­­l­­e­­­ i­­s­­ <­­-p­­a­­y­­i­­n­­g­­ 9­­7­­$ p­­e­­r h­­o­­u­­r! ­­W­­o­­r­­k ­­f­­­­o­­r ­­f­­­­e­­­­w­­ h­­­­o­­u­­r­­s ­­a­­n­­d h­­a­­v­­e l­­o­­n­­g­­e­­r w­­i­­t­­h­­ f­­­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d­­s & ­­f­­a­­m­­i­­l­­y­­! ­­O­­n ­­t­­u­­e­­s­­d­­a­­y I g­­o­­t ­­a­­ g­­r­­e­­a­­t ­­n­­e­­w­­ L­­a­­n­­d­­ R­­o­­v­­e­­r ­­R­­a­­n­­g­­e ­­R­­o­­v­­e­­r­­ f­­r­­o­­m h­­a­­v­­i­­n­­g e­­a­­r­­n­­e­­d­­ $­­8­­7­­2 t­­h­­i­­s ­­l­­a­­s­­t­­ f­­o­­u­­r­­ w­­e­­­­e­­k­­s.­­.­­ I­­t­­ s­­o­­u­­n­­d­­s­­ u­­n­­b­­e­­l­­i­­e­­v­­a­­b­­l­­e­­ b­­u­­t ­­y­­o­­u w­­o­­n­­t f­­o­­r­­g­­i­­v­­e ­­y­­o­­u­­r­­s­­e­­l­­f i­­f ­­y­­o­­u ­­d­­o­­n­­’­­t­­ c­­h­­e­­c­­k i­­t­­…'''
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      • Jay

        This article was mentioned on Snopes.com (I went there to look up something else). It doesn’t state whether or not it is true. (There was another about the supposed winner of the CA ticket being some rich 27-year-old who spent $30,000 to win; that was from a fake news site, but the story developed a life of its own–you should have seen the comments about THAT “winner!”) Anyway, the $800 was refunded to the donors. I don’t know if this story is legit, but if it is, then I hope Karma bites this person in the ass. I think the GoFundMe site has got to be one of the worst ideas ever since it increases the chances for scam artists.

    • Marge

      Theres nothing wrong with my comment. Shes a black idiot probably on welfare cuz they believe they deserve it. Give me your money cuz im a moron.

  • brad

    ” I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again!”
    Im thinkin she put it up as a joke. the entire line about how she’d do it again kind of makes it satirical. Or maybe someone put it up in her name thinking it was funny. Either way i don’t think it was for real.

  • Willie grasher

    Wow please if you want someone seriously real to fund go fund me Willie grasher it truelly is a matter of life or death God bless you for looking into my go fund me account.Willie grasher

    • fox6isfullofidiotreporters

      You do know that FOX 6 is VERY liberal (quite different than other FOX stations) and their trashy liberal reporters just LOVE stories like this because they actually buy into the whole “Black people are owed everything” mentality that liberals shove down everyone’s throat and is destroying this country. No one owes black people anything, no one owes ANYONE anything. People need to start taking responsibility for their own stupid spending.

  • April

    I think the idiots that actually gave her a dam dime are the true morons!!! But she seriously has a lot of nerve askin for a penny from anyone to cover her stupid and selfish spending habits! Get a dam job!!!

  • realalize

    Don’t bash her, bash the fools that actually gave her the money. Was it wrong? No. Immoral? yes. But you still cant give her the business without giving to the idiots who actually “donated”

    • Libtardsarestupid

      maybe you brain dead liberals should pay us TAX PAYERS back the money you wasted with your failed recall attempts? Ya, I thought not. Now go dig in someone elses pockets…. preferably in a different state.

  • Roger

    This makes me sick! We have been trying since October to raise money for my wife’s sister and 10 year old daughter who has been deaf since she was 2. Her oldest son is mentally handicapped. The father is in 2nd stage kidney failure…the list goes on. And this woman raised over 800.00 in a matter of a couple of days!!! All we have raised so far is 25.00. What is wrong with this world that they can’t help the handicap but can pay a woman’s bills that blew her money on lottery tickets??? Read for yourself about this family and tell me who is more deserving…her or a child?!?! gofundme.com/Jeremys-love

  • greed

    you have what 1 in 2. some million on hitting the lottery, how about everyone in America send me one dollar, i`ll set up a page tomorrow.

  • Indahoodlearndatengrish

    Can you at least pretend to have an “Education” and speak in ENGLISH. I doubt anyone here can understand your Ghetto-ese.

  • joseph

    I’m not let her know going to play crazy I’m only play 20$ why becose I have bills to pay I’m know I’m no going to win lottery that’s a fraud

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