Need energy assistance? More than 100,000 Milwaukee County residents may be eligible

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Plummeting temperatures can be bad news for your heating bill. But for more than 100,000 Milwaukee County residents, there is help available.

FOX6 News is told 175,000 people might be eligible for energy assistance. Yet only about 30,000 have applied so far this season. But it's not too late to get your application in if you think you might be eligible.

Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance

The process to apply takes only about 10-15 minutes. Just set up an appointment or walk in to one of the four main locations during business hours to start the process.

"The actual payment will show on your bill within 4-6 weeks, however we do inform We Energies immediately that there is a payment so they are aware that it's coming," said Maudwella Kirkendoll, Community Advocates COO.

You can apply for energy assistance up until the middle of May. If approved, you'll get a one-time payment to help with your energy costs.

To find out more about if you might be eligible -- CLICK HERE.


  • just saying

    100,000 people out of 600,000 in Milwaukee need assistants. What happened to all those good paying factory jobs when a man could support his family without Government aid and assistants. Is this the new normal? Thank God we have Walmart’s and thousands of low paying jobs that require the Government to support these “working” families.

  • Fancy

    People have “real” jobs. No one wants to waste a day off to stand in line for hours and be told they have to come back tomorrow. Energy assistance is a joke.

  • Wth

    Lotsa hard workin people get their electric bill with the add on for the energy assistance fee. Yes people that actually pay their bill pay for the others that sit around collecting entitlements after popping out a couple dozen rug rats. They moved here… I say let them freeze. except ofcourse for those that REALLY need it.

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