Assembly Republicans push to eliminate minimum hunting age in Wisconsin

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MADISON — Assembly Republicans are pushing to eliminate the minimum hunting age in Wisconsin.

Currently children as young as 10 can hunt with a mentor. But the mentor and student can have only one weapon between them.

Rep. Joel Kleefisch has introduced a bill doing away with the minimum age limit and allowing both the mentor and the student to have a weapon.

Kleefisch told the Assembly natural resources committee that the bill allows parents to decide whether their child can hunt and allows mentors to teach and hunt at the same time.

The Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor Association opposes the legislation, saying children are often too small to handle guns and two weapons will result in a mentor paying more attention to his own hunt than his student.


  • Idiots

    Is this comment a joke? Do you know what your tag name means “a person who believes in the doctrine of free will”. Do you have any idea what hunting is about? Before modernization this is what plenty of people did to feed themselves. How is it a bad thing to teach your children about guns, about the effect they can have on another living being, and about how to be self sufficient? Your child can learn responsibility and patience. Why is it any of your business how old someones child is when they are taken out to hunt?

  • atacs

    Libertarian you are nothing more then a troll! For the last 9 months you have been posting all sorts of anti-American blah blah. Just as Idiots mentioned do you know what your Libertarian name stands for? You just sit at home and crave attention you get your Willies off trying to razz people help by saying things under a false identity. You are a looser thug.

  • notahypocrite

    I’ve been shooting guns since I was 6. I still haven’t killed anyone, Maybe I’m just not that good with guns!

  • Fred

    Hunting has been part of my family since before I can remember. I was sitting with my dad and grandfather during deer and duck season way before I was of age to buy a license. I would say that it should be up to the ‘mentor’ to decide if he will take his own weapon during the youth hunt. I prefer to take the kids on the youth hunt and focus on teaching them the ‘rights and wrongs’ rather than hunt myself…after all, that’s what the youth hunt is all about…not getting some extra time in for yourself

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