Medical examiner identifies 21-year-old woman found frozen in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office has identified the 21-year-old woman found dead near Keefe and Bremen in Milwaukee on Sunday, January 17th. She is Elizabeth Luebke of Oshkosh.

Officials say Luebke was found frozen in front of a home.

Elizabeth Luebke

Elizabeth Luebke

According to the medical examiner's report, Luebke "was reportedly in the area for a concert, and following the concert, a house party near the location from where she was found."

The report indicates the woman "was not dressed for the elements and noted to be frozen."

The report also says just before 4:30 a.m., a surveillance camera in the neighborhood "noted the decedent to collapse" at the address where she was found.

Luebke was found by a passer-by around 9:00 a.m.

The medical examiner's report indicates the temperature around the time 911 was called was "recorded as -5.8 degrees F with the wind chill recorded as -27.5 degrees F."

A friend shared a photo of Luebke with FOX6 News. He said he knew Luebke as a sweet woman who went by the name of Lana Kane. She was at his home with friends from Oshkosh before she died.

"When she got here, she was really, really drunk and she got mad at her other friend and she stormed out," the man told FOX6 News.

When Luebke didn't return, the medical examiner's report indicates someone called Luebke's mom, who drove to Milwaukee and filed a missing person's report.

"She's a really sweet person. I hung out with her at another show when I went to Oshkosh. She's a really nice person -- a really sweet person. It's really sad. She's only 21. Such a young age," the man said.

The report indicates Luebke had a history of binge drinking, but friends said she most recently had been sober for several weeks.

Police say no one should go out amid sub-zero, double-digit wind chills alone.

"If you can stay in groups -- at least with somebody -- and that's just general personal safety," Joel Dhein with the Glendale Police Department said.

Luebke's body was found frozen just around the corner from the home where the party was taking place.

The medical examiner's report indicates Luebke was not dressed for the bitterly cold weather -- as she was wearing party-type clothing, including shorts, stockings and a tank top. A sweater was found on the ground near her body.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • Daleo

    Truth Hurts..
    Your comments are a disgrace.. even though you are entitled tooneexpress them, it shows that people like you are insensitive idiots…. I know you ve lost someone before… have some respect. PML

  • tina

    How can u make a comment like that? She most definitely made a mistake by going out and possibly drinking and she probably got too drunk and didn’t dress for the weather. Her family will be grieving their loss but making disrespectful comments is totally unnecessary.

  • Teri

    I also agree with Tony. My reply was towards other individuals who made rude remarks and have now deleted their responses.

  • Mark

    that’s pretty messed up alani. drunk, sober, white, black…… she was a young girl and didnt commit any crime or anything. Just a really sad story and I hope her family gets through this.

  • Mke

    They did look for her. She was out there over an hour before showing up close to where she originally had been. It also was not a party she attended, it was stopping by at a friend’s to say hi before heading home

  • Dmarie

    My heart goes out to this young lady’s family & loved ones now and in the days ahead. May God hold you up through your devastating anguish and grief. No matter how or why she was dressed that way just doesn’t matter, she is gone & it is a tragedy.

  • Alan

    But you still took the time to read the article and comment on it. Maybe instead of spouting your hate you should take some English lessons and learn how to spell

  • Betty

    You are a real idiot to say something like that. Hope something like this never happens in your family. And yes, I agree with Alan. Learn how to spell or keep your comments to yourself.

  • Heidi

    This is a human being,and humans make mistakes that God forgives us for! He died on the cross just for that reason. Everyone examine your own lives and keep this family in your prayers as they heal from the loss of a daughter,friend, niece and a member of Gods family. Show love everyone and the world gets a bit brighter everyday.

  • Uncle Sam Bodeen

    “A sweater was found near her body?” Why was she not wearing it? How did her “friends” let her leave the house mad and not follow her? It was Below ZERO!

    • Anarkia

      She was most possibly wearing it and then took it off. It is called “paradoxical undressing” – pretty common in the later stages of hypothermia, when a person becomes disoriented.

  • Uncle Sam Bodeen

    Stupid is as stupid does. Young girl choses to drink and get really drunk, gets in argument and makes the poor choice to leave a nice warm house to go out side in shorts and a tank top. Thinning of the heard (Darwin award winner)

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