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“One of the worst experiences:” Two boys hospitalized after experimenting with synthetic marijuana ‘K2’

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MILWAUKEE -- Two Milwaukee boys are lucky to be alive after they were hospitalized after smoking synthetic marijuana. The kids' father spoke with FOX6 News to tell us what happened and give a warning to others -- it seems the fake pot is more common and accessible than you may think.

Coreyonne Teague

Coreyonne Teague

"This is like one of the worst experiences of our lives," said Coreyonne Teague.

Coreyonne Teague felt helpless and scared as he opened the front door as his 12 and 13-year-old sons were banging on it to get inside.

"He was eating salt and snow and throwing up white mucus and foaming out his mouth, eyes closed -- he was talking funny, shaking, jittery," said Teague.

The pair, now recovering after being hospitalized, became violently ill after smoking synthetic marijuana.

Coreyonne Teague's sons

Coreyonne Teague's sons

"It's essentially Russian roulette, there's no telling what the substance are, what the mixtures are," said Robert Dell, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) assistant special agent.

Known as different names on the streets such as K2, Tunechi, or Scooby Snax, to name a few -- the effects of all are far reaching.

Synthetic marijuana

Synthetic marijuana

"One experimentation with these substances can be deadly. We are still seeing overdose deaths, overdose presentations at emergency rooms, sometimes permanent brain damage, permanent organ damage," said Dell.

Dell says since about 2009, approximately 300 brand new drugs or psychoactive substances have been smuggled or imported into the United States.

Robert Dell

Robert Dell

"The Drug Enforcement Administration has taken action and has either temporarily or permanently scheduled about 33 of these substances. But the problem is the very time we schedule or control a substance that has become problematic, proliferated or caused health problems, more substances appear," said Dell.

Although the drug is illegal here in Wisconsin, the fake pot is still available in some stores and sold underground.

While the DEA and police continue to crack down, authorities and Teague have a message:

"All the parents get a hold your children, have talks to you really need to have," said Teague.

"The only mistake is saying nothing," said Dell.

To help get a better understanding of these drugs, the DEA has websites showing the impact and effects there are geared to both children and parents.


  • Shirley

    I just thank God that my grandsons are okay. Like my son said the parents need to talk with their kids more to find out what’s going on with them. Also, these stores that are selling this crap to our children should be boycotted or something. They should not be able to come in our community and do as they please. We need to stop patronizing them as this will send a strong message that we are not having it. If we say nothing then there will be no results. Again, so thankful that my grandsons are okay.

    • kw

      I am so thankful that you grandchildren are ok.. this is a terrible thing to be happening. you are so right that something needs to be done. it is a shame that people will sell anything to our youth just to make a dollar.. sending prayers and thanks to your family..

  • Joe

    With Regular all natural Marijuana it is impossible to overdose. Only a matter of time until it’s legal here. Alcohol kills people everyday that’s legal. Funny world. Glad the kids are OK. If it were regular Marijuana this would have never happened, just saying.

  • Von

    Stop calling it synthetic marijuana, that’s part of the problem. It’s a designer drug. Out of the 380+ and growing chemicals identified in these man made designer drugs, only 8 of them bind to canabaoid receptors, the bind but are nothing like the plant. Many of the chemicals are structured like pcp, cocaine, heroin, meth, ect. They are powdered and crystallized chemicals until they break them down with acetone and soak the broken down chemicals on to marshmellow leaf (common organic used for incense). Continuing to call this synthetic marijuana, kind of allows for people to think its as safe as the real plant.

    Any media outlet, Law Enforcement agency, health agency ect… Who continues to refer to this as synthetic marijuana is doing a huge disservice to the public in regards to deterring users from experimenting with these often dangerous designer chemicals.

    • N8

      Von, you definitely should not be telling people how to make the stuff on here. But the real issue that people are not understanding is that all of this is preventable if people would stop fighting the legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin. That’s the real issue here let’s get with the times people legalization is here.

      • Von

        While I will likely never use, I agree with legalization of the real stuff… I didn’t really say how the chemicals are made, nor did I name any of the chemicals outside of the process to attach it to the marshmellow leaf, anyone with a computer can easily search that info…. Point is, they are connecting it to a plant that has very limited long term/ short term effects, when the truth is these designer drugs are very dangerous chemicals, often as dangerous and often more dangerous than the hard drugs we commonly know. These articles mis that point by mis-labeling the substance. Ironically, many of these synthetic drugs were sold in head shops since the mid 90’s, often not used because many where skeptical of their effectiveness. It wasn’t until dateline did a story on it, that it became a “fad”. Ironically, dateline stressed it was a way to get a marijuana similar high without failing a drug test. Within a year it exploded, now it’s an epidemic. I realize that these news agencies are looking for ratings, but often their lack of understanding what they are reporting leads to glorifying it. Even more disgusting, many of the newly discovered chemicals are way more dangerous than the earlier versions sold thru head shops.

        Idk what the answer is to solve addiction and drug use, but I do know what we are doing is not working.

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