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“It flipped so quick:” 16-year-old killed in crash near Port Washington & Capitol is identified

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N. Port Washington Road and Capitol Drive

N. Port Washington Road and Capitol Drive

MILWAUKEE -- A stolen car crashed into a Milwaukee home near N. Port Washington Road and Capitol Drive, leaving a 16-year-old boy dead. Police say the car went airborne, slammed into the home, and the teen was ejected form the car. Police say others ran from the scene, leaving their friend for dead.

The 16-year-old killed in the crash has been identified as DeAnthony Parks.

"It happened so fast. It was a sight to see," said Jimmy, a witness to the crash.

Police say before 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning, January 23rd a stolen Toyota Camry came speeding north on Port Washington Road. It hit an Oldsmobile Alero traveling west on Capitol Drive when it went airborne.

"It flipped so quick," said Jimmy.


The car slammed into a home.

"Just like a real loud, real loud crash," said Jimmy.

The woman who was inside at the time of the crash, says her daughter ran outside to help -- and found the 16-year-old ejected from the car in her front yard.

"She was trying to keep him awake, talking to him so he could stay awake," said the woman.

N. Port Washington Road and Capitol Drive

N. Port Washington Road and Capitol Drive

The teen died at the scene. Police say others in the stolen car ran from the scene.

"Another person is dead over nonsense," said the woman inside the home. "It's just getting bad. Too many of them dying for a joyride. It's like a joyride to death."

No one in the Oldsmobile or the home were hurt. Police are still trying to identify the others who were in the stolen car.


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  • Monya Dodds

    It’s Crazy Because I Used To Go To Daycare With Him We Always Used Talk Stuff To each Other But That Was Just Us I Haven’t Talked Or Seen Him In A While But now Another One Gone

    • chris

      Educated guess: you’re a bleeding heart liberal who will either vote for Bernie or Killery to continue the enabling of this inner city vermin

  • Cdbrooks

    Rather than allocating resources to investigating the police department, we need to be allocating resources to catch these pieces of trash, also to make sure the city and state enforce strict penalties on these types of crimea, and make sure the judicial system actually carries out the harsh sentences. In some of these cases, the parents should also be held responsible.

    • Jeffery Dahmer

      If the Police do not obey and enforce the laws then they are the criminals and ought the be arrested and treated like the rest. Maybe FAMILIES ought to do a better job raising their children. or we can blame the school system and the MPS school teachers who are paid to educate the children.

  • Gary Hamilton

    Karma Baby LOL! I’d rather my taxes pay for their funeral then support them for life as they Rob and abuse innocent law abiding people.

  • Reuben

    I am deeply upset with the opinions here.
    First off, yeah there is a major problem in Milwaukee but it’s nothing to joke about. But I and many others know that those who take time to talk mess are both heartless, and without the love of God in their heart’s. They run their mouths and speak hate towards people of color because that is what they were taught. So we must look over them.

  • Don Keedix

    And why do you think that is? There seems to be a certain segment of the population that feels that they shouldn’t be criticized and would rather settle things with violence instead of with a dialogue.

  • Michael Neals

    Hopefully they all show up so arrests will be made. Maybe there should be family jail. Lock up the whole family unit into a cell. Keep an eye on all of them. Educate them and job train them. When they get out absolutely no welfare of any kind. You now have a diploma and job training. Struggle like the rest of the working class. Mess up again straight to prison. Forever. No reason to be on the streets terrorizing people.

  • james

    I have never lived in a city with high crime, very segregated, and the criminal justice system in Wisconsin is a joke. Kids committing robbery, carjackings and theft is a norm here in Milwaukee. Other states would try them as adults for felony crimes. These kids know they wont receive real punishment so crimes committed by young adults will continue. I mean even the police chef says they are trying to target repeat offenders. Repeat offenders! Just to show you how soft the justice system is here. Not to mention OWI is a violation here. Terrible city that shows no accountability for people’s actions. SHAME ON YOU WISCONSIN LAWMAKERS. SOFT ON CRIME.

    • Jeffery Dahmer

      James: Then go back to wherever you came from with a lower crime rate and a tough on crime stand. I love Milwaukee and their segregation. It keeps the hardworking “good” people separate from the trash. I works for me and the rest or else something would have been done to change it.

      • james

        Oh I plan on moving once I finish training for my career here in this garbage city. And no it doesnt keep the trash out of the city it just gets overflowed. # 6 most dangerous city in America. More focused funding trains then hiring police officers or creating more jails. What a joke of a state.

  • Terry J Anderson

    According to the Journal Sentinel today Drivers Ed classes would be a solution to this problem. (See editorial section).

    • Jeffery Dahmer

      I took drivers Ed and stealing cars was never part of the course. Also I do not believe the driver had a permit to drive. ALSO If he had obeyed the Wisconsin State seatbelt laws and worn his he might be alive.

  • Jeffery Dahmer

    How do you blame someone for the actions of another? What the heck did Bush have to do with anything?

  • NO Trolley

    You are obviously joking Libertarian,NO one can be that stupid!! It’s the PRO-Obama Libtards committing 95%,if not more,of all the crime here in Killwaukee. I highly doubt that any of these POS voted or wanted George Bush,Romney,or any other Conservative to win!!!

  • FED-UP

    Lib-terd is just trolling, although I can’t fathom anyone other than a Liberal that maintains no accountability to those directly responsible. When a Liberal loses an argument, it’s YOUR fault he couldn’t win, because, well, safe spaces.

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