Hartford police puzzled after man leaves popular vinyl records at post office and never returns

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HARTFORD — A man requested permission to leave several vinyl record albums at the Hartford Post Office, and return the same day to pick them up but never did. Authorities in Hartford are now trying to determine the reasoning behind this incident.

According to Hartford police, a man in his 20s requested to leave the vinyl record albums Friday morning, January 22nd — stating he would be back later that same day to pick them up. The man told the clerk he could not have the albums at his residence while his dad was there.

The vinyl record albums include a variety of artists including several of The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Bobby Goldsboro, Herbie Hancock, Linda Ronstadt, just to name a few.

Police say the man never returned to the post office to pick up the items, and now they are trying to determine why.

If you have any information regarding this incident you are asked to contact the Hartford Police Department at (262)673-2600.


  • Mark

    Megan Pospychala (to editor) – you want me to do an article on what again? editor- this guy that dropped some albums off at a post office and never came back for them. Trust me Monica, people eat this stuff up! Now go on ya little scamp…. and before you start typing, get me a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

  • Jim

    Why would the postal workers even agree for him to leave them there? So if I shop in Hartford & not want to carry bags around town I can leave them at the post office till I am done for the day??

  • Fred

    Sticky Fingers, All Things Must Pass, Head Hunters….sounds to me like the kid was into some good tunes….maybe dad was a disco junkie and the kid didn’t want the old man doing the bump on his prized discs….

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