Dad captures touching moments after son wakes up from heart transplant surgery

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DETROIT, Michigan — 15-year-old Trevor Sullivan had to have a heart transplant after his heart failed.

No one knew if he would survive the surgery — but when he opened his eyes for the first time and realized he was alive, his dad was there, and he caught the heartwarming moments on camera.

Sullivan started getting sick in 2014. His family thought it was a cold, but they soon learned the young man was suffering from heart failure, and he needed a new heart.

In November 2015, the family learned a heart was available for Sullivan, and surgery was scheduled for the next day.

After surgery, when Sullivan woke up, his dad captured the next few moments on camera.

Sullivan’s father says his son’s old heart was so enlarged, it was weighing heavily on Sullivan’s lungs, so when he got the new heart, he felt relieved that he could finally breathe again.