Waukesha police: Suicidal man wielding firearm shot, injured by officers

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WAUKESHA -- Waukesha police say a suicidal man was shot and injured by police officers before he was taken into custody, and transported to the hospital on Sunday night, January 24th.

Police say this all began just before 9:00 p.m., when the City of Waukesha's Emergency Communications Center received a call from a woman reporting that her boyfriend was drinking alcohol, and was very depressed.

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The woman reported her boyfriend has a history of suicide attempts and he was in possession of a firearm -- possibly an AR-15, that she said was under his futon. She advised she was concerned because he had hung up on her, and he was not answering her calls.

Officers responded to the home on Douglass Avenue for a welfare check.

The woman called dispatch a second time, and advised that she had spoken with the man and he informed her that he was going to reach under his futon and put a bullet in his head.

The woman told dispatch the man lived in the home on Douglass Avenue with his elderly mother.

Officers near the man's home advised that he could be seen with a rifle. Police say he could be seen aiming the rifle at responding officers. Police say the rifle was "observed to have some form of an optic," that was described as a "green laser."

Police say the man disregarded officers' commands to disarm, and "displayed deadly behavior."

Three officers were forced to use deadly force -- shooting in order to stop the threat, police say.

The man then fled with the rifle.

He was taken into custody less than a block from officers' initial contact with him. The rifle was located with him and recovered by officers.

No officers were hurt in this incident.

Officers immediately began life-saving measures on the suspect, as he had observable gunshot wounds.

The Waukesha Fire Department took over life-saving measures and the suspect was taken to the hospital.

It is believed that he will survive.

The Waukesha Police Department says a news conference is planned for 10:30 a.m. to discuss this case.


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    • Sick of people trying to give Waukesha a bad name.

      No that is not a bad part of Waukesha. That area is mostly home owners. As for there being any bad part of Waukesha there might be 2 square block in this city that MAY have a bad reputation and those residents of Waukesha would prefer that the trouble makers makers would move on. The police watch that area very closely, there is often police presents in that area This man was having an incident that did not have anything to do with illegal activity.

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