Mother disheartened after finding daughter’s killer on list of “hottest women currently in prison”

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MILWAUKEE -- They are celebrated online as babes and smoking hot beauties, but while some see them as attractive, others see them as a source of pain. That's because these men and women are prisoners, and the family of one victim wants their photos taken down.

"To come across something like this was hard," Pam Gamboa said.

Google "hot inmates" and you get more than 13 million hits. There are countless websites that celebrate the features of men and women behind prison walls. Some even allow you to vote for your favorites.

But as Gamboa points out, the stories behind many of these faces are anything but alluring.

"It's attractive women in prison -- well, they're there for a reason. They've done something bad and there are families that are dealing with that and trying to get past that and live with that," Gamboa said.

Melissa Ahrens

Melissa Ahrens

Gamboa's daughter Melissa was struck and killed by a vehicle at the age of 25, as she crossed the street in Milwaukee in 2008.

The woman convicted of second degree homicide and hit-and-run was #3 on's list of "the hottest women currently in prison."

Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay

The website appeared on Gamboa's Facebook feed on Thursday, January 21st.

"This is a woman that is doing her time for killing my daughter. There's just no way she should be given any kind of good publicity about this or any kind of glory about this. This wasn't a good deed that she did," Gamboa said.

Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay does not claim to have a direct link with prisoners on the list. The site claims the inmates photos were found on a website with ads for inmates seeking pen pals. says the list of "the hottest women currently in prison" has been viewed more than 12 million times.

For Gamboa, who now lives in Arizona, the site has reopened old wounds.

Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay

"They don't think of the other people involved in the story," Gamboa said.

Gamboa says her daughter had just graduated with honors when she was killed, and she was starting her first job.

Gamboa says finding this list has been devastating for her family.

Scene of crash that killed Melissa Ahrens

Scene of crash that killed Melissa Ahrens

It is possible Ranker's list of these female inmates has been up for years -- but Ahrens' family just discovered it last week.

FOX6 News reached out to officials Sunday, but we haven't heard back.

As of late on Sunday, January 24th, it appeared McKay's photo had been removed from their list.

A spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections said this in a statement to FOX6 News:

The Department of Corrections does not condone posting pictures of inmates on pen pal websites as it could lead to re-victimization of individuals. Inmates do not have access to the internet.  Any posting would have to come from another party from outside the institution.  The Department of Corrections will be contacting the agencies that run these websites to ask them to remove the pages of Jessica McKay as well as any other inmates in Wisconsin.


    • Debbie Laper

      Jessica is a friend of mine that I was locked up with and she has great sympathy for her poor choice. She lives with this every day and for people to condemn her further is ignorance. Its called forgiveness.

      • The Other One

        Melissa was a sister of mine that I grew up with and I’m sure SHE has great sympathy for the decision she made the night she decided to cross a street when this women killed her while driving drunk(Sarcasm). She can’t live every day like this other women can. For multiple websites to exploit prisoners(hottest women behind bars) is what’s ignorant. We’ve been trying to put that night behind us for some time now. However, thanks for letting me know some justice has been served and she feels sympathetic. But This IS the aftermath of her actions.

  • Debbie Laper

    Jessica is a friend of mine that I was locked up with and she has great sympathy for her poor choice. She lives with this every day and for people to condemn her further is ignorance. Its called forgiveness.

  • Amanda

    Wow I think its ridiculous.. Yes she is doing her time yes justice is sereve . Just another person wanting petty .. So she was on this site get over it.. Others might say the opposite but always remember she is serving time .. Need to forgive that’s whats wrong no forgiveness..

    • Jenny

      Yea. Not enough time!!!! I2 years or less for killing someone? Gtfoh
      And for people to say ” get over it” just shows how inconsiderate some are towards the ViCTIMs family.

  • .

    Debbie Laper is a liar, she has no criminal record. It’s probably Jessica McKay looking for sympathy. It’s sad they get computer time other than schooling.

  • Marvin Pyle

    Except that the first thing you do when you see a “hottest women in prison” article is search the internet for why they’re in prison. I never would’ve heard of Melissa’s story otherwise.

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