Mother, vigilant in monitoring son’s activity online, protects him from sexual predator

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INDIANA — A 30-year-old man is facing federal charges, thanks in part to a mother, who was vigilant in watching over her young son’s activity online, and called police when her gut told her something wasn’t right.

30-year-old Lance Kyer is facing federal charges — accused of trying to solicit a 10-year-old boy for sex, and for traveling from Indiana to Ohio to meet with another boy he had met online, with the intent of having sex with the boy.

“If I wouldn’t have intervened, I wouldn’t have a son right now — and he’s my everything,” the mother of the 10-year-old boy told WXIN.

WXIN are not identifying the mother and son in this case.

The mother told WXIN she discovered her son had been contacted by Kyer through the social media messaging app “Kik.” She is able to keep close tabs on her son’s activity online because she has his social media accounts synced to her email. Each time he gets a message or a friend request, “I see everything he does,” the boy’s mother said.

One day, when her son got a nofication on Kik…

“I pushed on it and it’s a grown man. I’m thinking, ‘that’s not right,'” the boy’s mother said.

She decided to pose as her son, and engage in conversation with his new friend.

“He said ‘I’m 30,’ and I said ‘I’m 10.’ He said ‘I’m cool with that. Where do you live? Do you want to meet up sometime?'” the boy’s mother recalled.

Police say Kyer began sending the boy nude images and vulgar messages.

“He’s telling my son he loved him — not even knowing my son. He wanted to have sex with my son, knowing that he’s 10. He told my son he wanted to Skype. He wanted to Skype with him. He wanted to see my son’s body,” the mother said.

This mother turned her son’s phone over to police, who continued the conversation, posing as the boy.

Less than 12 hours later, a meeting was planned.

Kyer was arrested when he showed up at a gas station to meet the boy. He was instead met by police.

He’s now facing federal charges — all because this mother decided to take action to protect her son.

“Pay attention to your children. Know what your children are doing,” the mother said.

According to WXIN, when Kyer was arrested, he confessed to police he had sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy from Cincinnati.

He will appear in federal court this week Wednesday, January 27th.


    • Truth Hertz

      What’s not right is someone raised a sexual deviant and he has access to the net. Technology is every where and most of us have to use it in some capacity, so how does a child’s access to technology outweigh the primary issue which is someone raised a creep?

  • chris

    Online Pedophiles should be killed on sight. There is more than enough evidence that points to his guilt. Save the taxpayers money and the victims the trauma of reliving the events. Put them on their knees and 2 shots. 1 behind the ear and one in the base of the skull. Then post the pic of the body on the sites he frequents as a warning to others.

  • mommypower

    There’s an awesome app called xooloo it is a child app that the child is only able to access what the parent allows. You can add Netflix and YouTube (kids) or whatever, it will send you (the parent) a request if your child is requesting a new application game ect. and you have to approve the download. I also like that it i completely age appropriate locked there has been games my child requested that the application denied because it was to old for their age group. It has many benefits and mostly the security of knowing my young child is safe while going on their tablet. It has a small fee but is worth the security. I also like the fact I can time the usage and you can add or delete as much as you like and allow them to access what they want and you allow.
    I’m not trying to sell anything just giving a parental solution to this problem. If a child is going to have access to the internet it should be monitored and watched all the time and know the password and who they are talking to if you question something ask them about it if they take advantage of the privilege of having a phone, computer tablet ect, take it away from them. Children don’t NEED access to websites they need access to a computer (maybe) for homework. If they are given the privilege to have an electronic device for whatever else the parents need to be proactive in protecting their child like the mom in this article did.

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