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Teen warning others after close call in latest viral ‘challenge’

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SEATTLE – A dangerous challenge that has gone viral online almost cost a Washington teen his life.

Sarah Fish told KCPQ her son is lucky to be alive after he fell and hit his head while taking on the latest internet challenge with his friends.

The "Duct Tape Challenge" involves one person wrapping another person in Duct tape. The person wrapped in tape is then timed to see how long it will take for them to escape.

Skylar Fish, 14, fell and hit his head on concrete and a metal window frame while participating in the challenge. He shattered his eye socket and cheekbone and required immediate surgery for bleeding on his brain. He is unable to see out of one eye and the damage may be permanent.

“If he would have hit on it differently, an inch over, he could have died,” Sarah told KCPQ. “If his friend didn’t flip him over when he was having a seizure and choking up blood, he could have died.”

Skylar and his mother are now working to warn other families about the potential dangers of taking this or any challenge going viral online.

Skylar's surgery was a success and he's expected to be in the hospital for at least another week while recovering.


    • ~

      this has nothin to do with bein stupid. He got wrapped in duct tape having fun. it was just an unlikely chance that he lost his balance & hit his head. Maybe it just hurts you to be stupid

    • KellyEAndrews

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  • Crystal B

    I hate to admit it but everyone is right, the people who do these challenges are stupid. They think they are invincible and won’t hurt or kill themselves and then boom. Maybe if they were worried more about school then being a follower then nothing would’ve happened. I do pray he will be ok. But come on now this generation of kids are getting out of control.

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