Jeffrey Schultz facing multiple charges after domestic incident at Country Springs Hotel

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A Richfield man is facing 10 charges following a domestic incident that occurred on Saturday, January 23rd at the Country Springs Hotel. Four Waukesha police officers were injured while taking the man into custody.

Jeffrey Schultz

Jeffrey Schultz

The accused is 48-year-old Jeffrey Schultz, who is facing the following charges:

  • First degree reckless injury, domestic abuse
  • Strangulation and suffocation, domestic abuse (two counts)
  • Felony intimidation of a victim, domestic abuse (two counts)
  • False imprisonment, domestic abuse
  • Resisting an officer causing a soft tissue injury or substantial bodily harm to an officer
  • Misdemeanor battery, domestic abuse
  • Disorderly conduct, domestic abuse
  • Resisting an officer

According to the complaint, officers were dispatched to the Country Springs Hotel after receiving a call from someone who was "hysterical," and indicated "someone was trying to choke her mother."

Upon arrival, officers were advised by hotel staff that there was a disturbance in a room. Hotel staff members were trying to gain access to the room. Officers could hear a woman inside the room moaning, and a man yelling.

Country Springs Hotel

Country Springs Hotel

Eventually, the door to the room was opened by the man inside, and the woman, who was laying on the floor, was dragged out of the room by an officer.

The complaint indicates officers learned from the woman that the man owns "many" firearms, but she wasn't sure whether he was armed.

The woman told officers her ex-husband, Jeffrey Schultz, had "choked her out," and had struck her a number of times. She indicated she was losing consciousness and "believed she was going to die." The woman indicated she and Schultz had gotten into an argument regarding one of her children. She said she was "terrified" of Schultz.

Officers learned Schultz had "a number of valid warrants for his arrest."

Prior to the alleged domestic incident, the woman indicated she, Schultz and her three children went shopping before returning to the Country Springs Hotel. During the shopping trip, the complaint indicates Schultz became upset, and he became "even more upset" once they returned to the hotel. He was apparently upset over how one of the children was acting, and he told the woman "you better control your kids" and that "he was not going to get arrested tonight."

Country Springs Hotel

Country Springs Hotel

When the woman told Schultz she and the kids were going to get a different room, Schultz "became extremely upset," according to the complaint.

Schultz is accused of grabbing the woman by the throat to the point where she couldn't breathe. He is also accused of slamming her head into the wall. The complaint indicates Schultz was threatening to kill the woman.

The three children were able to exit the room safely.

Some of the rooms near the room Schultz and the woman were in were evacuated during this incident.

Prior to the arrival of police, the complaint indicates hotel security officials came to the room and asked if they were OK -- and the woman said she told security "yes," but "made faces to try to let them know she wasn't OK."

When speaking with police, the woman indicated she feared for her life, and for the lives of her children. She said she feared Schultz would kill her and the kids, according to the complaint. She indicated she was so fearful for her life, she recently took a firearms training course and purchased a handgun for protection.

Country Springs Hotel

Country Springs Hotel

The complaint indicates one of the children in this case told police Schultz had been physically abusive to the mother and children in the past.

Officers deployed a Taser in an effort to take Schultz into custody. That was unsuccessful.

Jeffrey Schultz

Jeffrey Schultz

The complaint says while attempting to stabilize Schultz, officers observed him "to be in excess of 600 pounds and over 6' tall." Schultz told officers he weighed 700 pounds.

As officers worked to handcuff Schultz, an officer tried to again deploy a Taser, and the cords from the Taser's probes fell across an officers legs, and that officer felt the full effect of the Taser on the lower half of his body.

Another officer's leg became pinned under Schultz's body. Officers were initially unable to move Schultz -- causing the officer "extreme pain." The officer indicated he could feel his leg breaking.

Two sets of handcuffs ultimately had to be used to take Schultz into custody "due to his size."

Waukesha police said a total of four officers were hurt.

According to the complaint, even after he was handcuffed, during his transport to the hospital for medical clearance and then to jail, Schultz continued to resist officers.

The complaint indicates a doctor told the woman involved in this incident that Schultz "was extremely close to having snapped her neck," and also that it "would have been quite easy for her to have died" given the lack of oxygen and blood to her brain as a result of the alleged strangulation.

In court on Wednesday, January 27th, a judge called Schultz an extreme danger, and set bond at $500,000 cash.

Schultz will next be in court on February 3rd.

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    Like trying to get out from under a Hippo……funny, but not funny. Being this large should be a crime. There are people starving in this world and then we have Mr.Glutton. Can’t believe he could even move around that well to do what the article says he did. LOL.

  • Wilson

    Why didn’t they try to lure him out of the room with a couple cases of candy bars??? What a useless extremely large POS!!!

  • Fonze

    Really!! Why if she was so afraid that she took a hand gun class,why would she take herself and her kids around him!!!? Sounds like a free shopping trip went wrong! Deffinetly more to this story. Not that it’s ok to put your hands on a woman or anyone for that matter. But DEFINITELY more to the story.

  • Tina

    Where are all the Racist comments??? Exactly those comments dont exist because these people are White. If they were black or any other minority, there would have been an excessive amount of racist comments. This world is so screwed up and focused stickly on race when minorities screw up but when Whites commit crimes, there are no negative comments. Wow

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