2016 “Traveling Beer Garden” schedule unveiled, and there’s something new this year

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Milwaukee County and Sprecher Brewing Co. unveiled Thursday, January 28th the 2016 Traveling Beer Garden schedule.

County Executive Chris Abele, Parks Director John Dargle, Jr. and Jeff Hamilton, president of Sprecher Brewing Co. revealed the schedule in celebration of the third year of the Traveling Beer Garden. The Traveling Beer Garden season runs from May 18th to September 16th.

CLICK HERE to view the 2016 Traveling Beer Garden schedule

“Our partnership with Sprecher is the epitome of the true spirit of a public-private partnership,” said Abele. “Sprecher’s goodwill in the community has supported the Parks. Last year, Milwaukee County realized nearly $633,500 in revenue, over $30,000 in improvements to the parks on the tour, and, of course, a season of good times for families, friends, and visitors. All of this creates a brighter, safer community.”

Beer gardens on the 12-stop tour are staffed by Milwaukee County Parks employees and offer 10 on-tap Sprecher beers, served in souvenir glass pints and steins, with refills offered at reduced prices at any stop on the tour. In addition, flights of five beer samples are served. Other Sprecher selections include gluten-free beer, hard sodas, sodas, and root beer floats. Wine and snacks, including soft pretzels, are also available.

New this year will be the Beer Garden 5K, a series of five races through the Milwaukee County Parks, finishing at a Traveling Beer Garden. The event, produced by Silver Circle Sports Events, includes a Sprecher beer or root beer soda and a souvenir glass as part of the entrance fee.

Families are welcome to pack their own picnic lunches or suppers and non-alcoholic beverages.

License restrictions prohibit the carry-in of any alcohol. Grilling is not allowed at the beer garden site or the immediate surrounding area.

Facilities offer shared-table seating, where families are encouraged to make new friends. All Traveling Beer Garden stops are wheelchair accessible and have ample restrooms, parking, park activities, and a covered structure nearby.

Beer gardens in Milwaukee have been a tradition, bringing friends, families, and neighbors together in a relaxed, social setting. With the arrival of German immigrants in the mid-1800s, beer gardens began to spring up—often located in parks. By the late 1800s beer gardens were prolific throughout the city as the center of summer social life.