“Not true:” Samy Hamzeh, accused of plotting mass shooting, denies allegations

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MILWAUKEE -- A 23-year-old Milwaukee man accused of plotting a mass shooting at a Masonic temple says the accusations against him are not true. FOX6 News on Thursday, January 28th obtained audio from Samy Mohammed Hamzeh's initial appearance in federal court, which took place on Tuesday. We have also received a message from Hamzeh's family -- saying that he is not a terrorist.

Samy Mohammed Hamzeh

Samy Mohammed Hamzeh

Hamzeh is accused of telling two confidential sources about his plan to kill at least 30 people, visiting a shooting range, touring a Masonic temple, and then purchasing machine guns and silencers from undercover FBI agents. Hamzeh's alleged conversations with the confidential sources regarding his alleged plan were recorded.

Hamzeh is facing federal charges -- accused of possessing machine guns and silencers.

Federal officials are not saying which Masonic temple was targeted.

However, Frank Struble, the grand master of Wisconsin's Free and Accepted Masons said the targeted temple offers tutoring for children, the only one in Milwaukee to do so. That's the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center at Van Buren and Wells.

Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee

Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee

Inside a federal courtroom, a man accused of plotting a mass shooting sits before a judge. Cameras are not allowed inside federal courtrooms -- but audio is used for the record.

Hamzeh was arrested on January 25th, after meeting up with undercover FBI agents to purchase the machine guns and silencers.

Audio recording from Hamzeh's initial appearance in court:

In court, Hamzeh was first instructed to read a criminal complaint outlining the details of his case.

 Judge: "Do you understand the allegations?"

Hamzeh: "Yes, I do understand, but I don't agree with it."

The assistant U.S. attorney then laid out the punishment involved -- 10 years in prison for each count of illegally possessing machine guns.

Hamzeh again denied any wrongdoing.

Judge: "Do you understand the penalties the assistant U.S. attorney put on the record?"

Hamzeh: "Yes, I understand, but this is not true sir."

Officials with the U.S. attorney's office then made their case as to why Hamzeh should continue to be held by authorities.

"In addition to the serious risk he poses to society, he also has a flight risk which the court must address," said the assistant U.S. attorney.

The judge agreed, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled -- but not without Hamzeh, again, making a plea to speak.

Hamzeh: "You're not going to hear anything from me now?"

Judge: "Nothing at this point, no. We're done."

Hamzeh's next hearing is scheduled for February 9th. He will be able to enter a plea then.

On Wednesday, January 27th, FOX6 News learned Hamzeh had been moved to the Kenosha County Jail from the Waukesha County Jail. He was transferred there on Tuesday evening. A source told FOX6 News Hamzeh was on suicide watch at the Kenosha County Jail. He remains a federal prisoner who is simply being housed in Kenosha as he awaits his next court appearance.


  • Jackie

    His family are a bunch or MORONS! It is 100% TRUE! No one brainwashed him or anything of the sort. No one made him make those statement that we ALL caught on tape. He got caught and now he will pay.

    • deep throat

      You don’t understand, the agents coached him! Hey may have had resentment towards something but the agent provocateurs set him up, provided money for weapons, partied with him inflated his ego etc etc… This is FBI 101 sht.

    • KellyEAndrews

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  • molon labe

    See, I told you. The FBI frames these guys. FBI foils their OWN plots.
    How they get weirdo’s to do stuff for them:
    Have FBI :
    1. Find some crazies..Islamic or black/brown preferred, give them drugs with or without them knowing, like Pill Cosby.
    2. Tell them when and where to commit their crazy sht, while partying with them etc etc…do drugs
    3. Give them new weapons and a bunch a ammo, some weekend before a grill out….after you give them more drugs
    4. hype them up psychologically to follow through with their “goal”…each time you see them….give them a “chill pill”
    noun: Islamophobia
    dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.
    “Let the fear flow through you” goooooood, goooooood be scared of ALL Muslims…..Gooood.
    –They want you to FEAR all people black and now all Muslim looking peeps. — “Let’s love one another right now”

      • NO Trolley

        Excellent point Nate!! Where is his graduation or prom pic showing what a good boy he is. Where is the White House invite? He and Obozo can talk about their religious beliefs.

  • Sarah

    I don’t believe that brain washed crap at all!! If he loves his country so much like his brother reference to in his status, well why the hell did he decide not to come forth about these brutal plans?!..especially if he wasn’t the corporate!! It’s just hard to believe that he was set up!!

  • lejonleonard

    I don’t believe a damn thing FBI says.FBI more than likely made this up.its what they do, go after people they don’t like because if their race or finance’s.

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