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In trouble again: Brookfield man, accused of shooting at his neighbors, faces new charges

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A Brookfield man, accused of shooting at his neighbors and injuring two of them is in trouble again. He is now accused of attacking a hotel employee on Monday night, February 1st.

Hubert Smith

Hubert Smith

77-year-old Hubert Smith is charged with three counts of attempted homicide. He is accused of firing five shots and hitting two people in Brookfield in October.

Smith allegedly told police the shooting was a result of “blind rage.”

According to police, three neighbors were talking in a backyard and got into a dispute with a fourth neighbor, later identified as Smith. During the dispute, Smith went into his home and returned with a weapon and began to shoot. He struck two of his neighbors.

Smith told police he believed his neighbors were taunting him. Investigators questioned Smith about what happened — and according to the criminal complaint, Smith told them his neighbors were bullies.

Now, he's facing new legal trouble for a separate and recent incident.

FOX6 News has learned Smith was arrested by Brookfield police on Monday night, February 1st for battery at an "Extended Stay" hotel.

Smith has apparently been staying there for quite some time.

Hubert Smith

Hubert Smith

According to police, Smith became agitated when a hotel employee knocked on another guest's door. Police say Smith apparently snapped and grabbed the employee by the throat.

The hotel employee wasn't hurt -- but police said there were marks that were visible on his neck.

Police say Smith was cooperative when officers arrived to arrest him. He was taken to the Waukesha County Jail.

Smith appeared in court for the new charges he faces on Tuesday. He faces one count of battery, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of bail jumping.

As for his attempted homicide charges related to that October shooting, Smith pleaded not guilty in December. He is due back in court in that case next week (on February 8th).

Smith will be in court for his preliminary hearing on these new charges on February 17th.


  • Disgusted

    Interesting, when the media first reported on the shooting, all the comments were defending this guy, that he was bullied. Made by people who didn’t know the situation, the shooter, or the victims. The shooting was not his first run in with the law either, but the media fails to mention that. Roughly 3 years ago, he was arrested for attacking a Milwaukee County Bus Driver, because the bus was parked and the driver didn’t turn on his hazards. His lawyer got the charged lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor. Had he not done that, he wouldn’t have had the gun he used to shoot his neighbors. Clearly there is a pattern here, and I can’t believe the judicial system keeps giving him bail. The half million for the shooting charge he had no problem posting, this 10 grand will probably be a piece of cake!

  • Dose of Reality

    I find it funny that his past wasn’t released even though he had multiple previous run ins with the law. This nut job is out attacking innocent civilians yet he is still seen as a law abiding citizen that simply needs anger management.Well let me pull the wool off your eyes if this lunatic was an African American his past including his juvenile school records would’ve been released and there would’ve been 1000 racist rude jokes under this post. When tables have been turned noone has anything to say.

    • Common Sense

      Actually if he was African American, there would be marches down the middle of streets & protests everywhere.

  • chris

    Hotel employee must be a wuss. If some old geezer grabbed me by the throat, old man or not he’s getting his a $$ whipped then I’ll call the police.

    • Disgusted

      Aside from getting fired and sued, I’m pretty positive too, that the hotel employees know this man’s history. Regardless of his age and size, would you want to get into it knowing this guy already has three counts of attempted intentional first degree homicide pending?

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