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“This is crazy:” Group that promotes legalizing rape plans meet-up in Kenosha

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KENOSHA -- Officials with The Brat Stop in Kenosha, and city leaders were livid upon learning that a controversial group that promotes legalizing rape was set to meet at the restaurant on Saturday, February 6th. The "Return of the Kings" group had planned meetings across the country on Saturday, and one meet-up was set to happen outside The Brat Stop.

The group planned to meet outside The Brat Stop and then head to a secret location for a meeting.

The Brat Stop

The Brat Stop

Nick Klein

Nick Klein

The idea sparked outrage, and The Brat Stop's owner made it clear their hate won't be accepted.

"My first thought was 'this is crazy,'" Nick Klein, Brat Stop general manager said. "To think these people can come and try and take over our parking lot -- I just don't think it's going to happen."

Klein learned of the planned meet-up on Tuesday, February 2nd.

"They're not welcome here. The Brat Stop doesn't support them," Klein said.

Daryush Valizadeh

Daryush Valizadeh

The group's leader, blogger Daryush Valizadeh, better known as Roosh V, is known to degrade women and promotes legalizing rape on private property.

The Brat Stop was one of several locations chosen across the country for meet-ups on Saturday.

The "Return of the Kings" group plans February 6th meet-ups

The "Return of the Kings" group plans February 6th meet-ups

"It's still like, mind-blowing that it could be a possibility these people would show up here," Julian McKenzie, a server at The Brat Stop said.

This meet-up was set to happen on the same day as The Brat Stop's "Polar Plunge," a benefit for Special Olympics.

"Hopefully, we can use the good energy that's in here and transform it out there," McKenzie said.

The "Return of the Kings" group plans February 6th meet-ups

The "Return of the Kings" group plans February 6th meet-ups

Kenosha police have been made aware of the meet-up, and will patrol near The Brat Shop.

Bob Johnson, alderman for the district where The Brat Shop is located in Kenosha says the city stands unified against this group.

"My message to the group is 'you're not welcome in the city of Kenosha. You're certainly not welcome in District 16," Johnson said.

The "Return of the Kings" group's website said official events on Saturday, February 6th have been cancelled

The "Return of the Kings" group's website said official events on Saturday, February 6th have been cancelled

Late on Wednesday, The "Return of the Kings" group's website said official events on Saturday, February 6th have been cancelled -- but members may choose to meet privately.

Folks at The Brat Stop will be ready for whatever happens.

" Hopefully that event doesn't have any interaction with these people. Hopefully, no one does," Klein said.

The Brat Stop

The Brat Stop

FOX6 News reached out to "Return of the Kings" officials via the group's website. We have not heard back.

A message on the website said women must include photos of themselves in order to get a response.

Not long after FOX6 News reached out to the group, the website said the officials meetings on Saturday have been cancelled. It's unclear whether they'll continue secretly.

The Brat Stop

The Brat Stop

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  • Obama Bin Laden

    Lets legalize it until Obama signs an Executive Order legalizing Sharia Law. Someone should stake out the meeting and beat the S*** out of all of those in attendance.

  • Norm

    These Muslim’s are the most evil people on earth. The bastards do not deserve to in our great country or anywhere else on earth. And to think our Pres is one of them.

  • Fred

    Maybe is some of these demons actually experienced being raped they’d change their tune………show up as a mass counter protest and bring your foreign objects to entertain these losers.

  • Karl

    Whats disgusting is that your article does not say ISLAM or MUSLIM, Ashley Sears (the publisher). The avoidance is obvious and sickening. The fear of the Islamophobia “myth” had defeated you, when this “gathering” demands Islamic criticism. You have simply capitulated as a journalist.
    This blogger and his ideas (and any supporters in the group) are rampant in Islamic societies via Sharia Law, Hadith and the Qur’an which protects men from their behavior and makes it difficult for women to punish or even feel comfortable to report the crime.
    1. Honor Killing exists in many countries protecting men from this behavior putting the fault on the woman (i.e. she can be killed for being raped and disgracing the family).
    2. Demands on multiple witnesses to support a woman’s claims.
    3. Not wearing proper coverings and instigating the male = “purdah”
    4. Simply being married or a family member makes it almost impossible to punish.
    5. Statutory rape is almost never punished and prearranged marriages are cultural custom (i.e. a 12 year old married off to a 40 year old man).
    6. Muhammad himself (the Hadith and his life as an example) married at 6 to Aisha and consummated at 9 years old. Muhammad is the perfect and prime example of human behavior.
    If you wish to take this further into refugee crisis in Europe and topics on American immigration… you may.

  • Elle Durk

    Not sure this guy understands that in this country, the law applies to gays as well. He could very well be the first to experience legal rape :)

  • Jon from Milwaukee

    So much for “investigative journalism”. The “pro rape” organization is a fake satire designed to troll the media, and it worked. None of the reporters bothered to fact check ANYTHING before they ran with the story. How many weeks will it take before they issue a retraction, if ever?

  • Michael

    Could they technically be arrested for trying to plan a crime? if I was to plan a robbery or murder, i could get arrested for that. Why not this? Another assumption is that they have done this before privately and gotten away with it. This is just so sick in so many levels

  • Kat

    I think a group of big strong men wait for them after this meeting and give them a taste of their own medicine…. Bend over boys!

  • Yaspar Kyashred

    Oh, BS. Roosh is a douche, but he doesn’t promote legalizing rape. That’s an over-dramatic interpretation of his point of view, by hysterical feminists and their pet beta-men. Go read for yourself, he has a website.
    Oh, and he’s of Iranian ancestry, but is an American, and if he’s a Muslim he sure doesn’t talk about it.

  • ablestmage

    The group does not promote legalizing rape. The article that everyone keeps citing is a hoax, and the writer of it has claimed it was satirical.

    Quote from the same site you used in this story, “Q: Why do you want to legalize rape? I don’t. Legalizing rape is a notion so insanely absurd I never imagined that people would take it 100% seriously, including politicians. I don’t believe any form of physical violence against men or women should be legalized. I’ve said that “How To Stop Rape” was a satirical thought experiment so many times that it’s clear to me current misinterpretation of it by the media is deliberate.”

  • Prog Chik

    If you follow the trail of breadcrumbs to the founder of this group’s blog, it almost makes you think this is some kind of publicity stunt. Not that that makes it any less demeaning, offensive, or frightening, but this guy’s bread and butter is blogging, speaking engagements, and selling e-books. This probably tripled his website traffic.

  • DannyV

    I say If they wanna legalize rape get them together and let them see how it feels and ram a broom stick up each of them than castrate them so they can’t hurt any young ladies. Give the bastards what their asking for!!,

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