“Taken too soon:” Dave Mirra, BMX legend, dead at 41 in apparent suicide

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GREENVILLE, North Carolina — BMX legend Dave Mirra was found dead in a vehicle in North Carolina on Thursday afternoon in what police are investigating as an “apparent suicide,” according to police. He was 41 years old.

Officers found Mirra sitting in a truck with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police. He had been visiting friends in the area on Thursday.

Considered an icon in the pro-BMX world, Mirra, was instrumental in bringing the sport to Greenville, which now is home to more than 20 professional BMX riders. He is survived by his wife and two children.

“We mourn the loss today of a great friend and wonderful human being who touched the lives of so many around the world with his gift. He called Greenville, North Carolina home and was as humble a guy talking with kids on a street corner about bikes as he was in his element on the world stage. A young life with so much to offer was taken too soon,” said Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas.

The Greenville Police Department will be handling the death investigation.


  • idiots

    I have little empathy for this guy. I feel bad for his family. I have been to places where people struggle every day of their lives just to find enough food to survive through the next day. Where people live in fear of being a victim, of being shot because they were out past curfew or at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then we take a look at this spoiled country. Where we have everything we could possibly want but can’t keep it together and we give up.

    • Jack

      You talk so stupid. As if you know his situation or what was going through his head. Just because we have been blessed with much in this country doesn’t mean the devil can’t get in your head, or that people don’t go through rough times and find it hard to see the good. Now shut your face, you sound like somebody that thinks they have all of this Godly wisdom but it’s clear you have very little,

      • idiots

        Haha. I’m sorry did I hurt your feelings. I hope my WORDS didn’t cause you to have a fit. I did not insinuate wisdom, only have my opinion. I suppose people can’t have those anymore without someone attacking them. Good luck with life if you are going to spend it being upset about things people say.


    That sucks, I used to watch him years ago. The man was a BMX genius and made the sport what it is today. RIP and prayers for the family especially.

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