Three arrested, two innocent bystanders hurt after separate pursuits, crashes

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating two separate pursuits that ended in crashes late on Wednesday, February 3rd and early on Thursday, February 4th. Three people were taken into custody in connection with these incidents. Two innocent bystanders were hurt.

The first pursuit occurred around 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday -- after officers located a stolen black Honda Crosstour near 49th and Center.

Police say the vehicle was stolen around 2:55 p.m. Wednesday during an armed robbery near E. Bennett Avenue and S. Wentworth Avenue. A suspect approached the victim, a 67-year-old Milwaukee man, struck him, and stole the vehicle.

Officers attempted to stop the Crosstour near 49th and Center -- but it fled, and a pursuit began.

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

At 55th and Locust, the car collided with another vehicle. Debris still littered the area on Thursday afternoon, along with some damage to a nearby property.

One neighbor said he believes at least one of the people inside the stolen Crosstour tried to escape through a backyard.

"Someone was taking some big steps, and evidently latched onto the top of the fence which gave way, and then made it over," Bob Chmielewski said.

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

Two people from the Crosstour, a 24-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman, were taken into custody.

The driver and the passenger inside the vehicle that was hit were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries -- but they were expected to survive.

The second pursuit occurred on the city's north side early Thursday morning.  According to police, officers located a stolen silver Toyota Camry near 61st and Capitol around 12:00 a.m.

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

Pursuit ends in crash near 55th and Locust

The car was stolen around 12:35 a.m. on February 3rd near 45th and Lloyd. A suspect stole a 24-year-old Milwaukee man's car and belongings at gunpoint.

Officers attempted to stop the Camry near 61st and Capitol but it fled from the scene and a pursuit began. The Camry slid into a snowbank near 60th and Keefe and two suspects fled on foot.

One suspect, a 18-year-old woman, was taken into custody. A male suspect fled and MPD continues to seek him.

Milwaukee police say among the factors that led officers to pursue these stolen vehicles are that they were taken in armed robberies, and officers spotted them within 24 hours of the initial crime.

CLICK HERE to view the Milwaukee Police Department's pursuit policy.

MPD will present these cases to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for charges in the coming days.


  • Fred

    Unless the judges start giving out jail sentences instead of hugs, milk & cookies, these scumbags will continue to terrorize the city. All too often we are seeing plea agreements that drop the majority of charges just to get a guilty plea on a lesser charge…all done just to push these vermin through the system as fast as possible. I’d rather pay to let them rot in jail than continue to subsidize their life on the street through entitlements.

  • Deshon10

    So now bytches playing Bonnie and Clyde in Milwaukee huh?? About to catch a felony following a low life a$$ fool. All involved are too old. Have fun in jail.

  • gerry mayers

    These young punks that commiting these crimes need to be put away for 40-45 years straight time, then 10 years on paper.

  • dick

    i feel sorry for anyone living on the north side of Milwaukee. I grew up over there and after seeing all this kaos and crime makes me wonder how it has come to this! I hope at some point some of these young folks grow up and realize that life last longer then a joyride in a stolen vehicle or a petty robbery at gun point. This town is getting a bad rep because of some dumb dumbs running around and sooner or later you will loose the battle! That life don’t last long! Pray for change!

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