Medical examiner’s report: Men killed in crash near 91st & Bradley after “drinking all night”

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Two men killed in crash near 91st and Bradley

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified two men killed in a crash early on Sunday morning, February 7th near 91st and Bradley: 37-year-old Antoine Lewis and 37-year-old Nicholas Ashford — both of Milwaukee.

The preliminary manner of death for these men has been ruled accidental. It was determined that they died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries.

The crash happened around 2:00 a.m.

The medical examiner’s report indicates the vehicle the men were in was traveling at a high rate of speed when it struck a tree near 91st and Bradley.

Both of the men had to be extricated from the vehicle.

The report indicates Ashford was driving the vehicle, and Lewis was the passenger.

According to the report, the crash was witnessed by Lewis’ girlfriend and others, who were in the vehicle in front of the vehicle Lewis and Ashford were in.

The report indicates Ashford and Lewis had been at a party all night at Gene’s Supper Club in Milwaukee prior to the crash. They were traveling at an estimated 75 miles-per-hour when they drove over railroad tracks and lost control — striking the curb and one tree, which then catapulted the vehicle into another nearby tree at an “extreme rate of speed.”

Family members and friends in the vehicle in front of the vehicle Ashford and Lewis were in told investigators the men “had been drinking all night.”

The report indicates the vehicle suffered “an inordinate amount of damage, rendering it almost unrecognizable.”

According to the report, Ashford and Lewis were not wearing seat belts.

The posted speed limit in the area is 40 miles-per-hour.


  • Obama Bin Laden

    Judging by their records on CCAP we didn’t lose 2 productive members of society. Thank god they didn’t kill someone else.

    • Lavada

      You disgust me. How dare you? Antione was a good man. He loved his wife and son and this is a crisis in their lives. On top of that you are wrong about him and his CCAP, not that it is even appropriate to bring up two traffic tickets after a man has died, a wife is widowed, and a young boy lost his doting father. I’ve never wanted to throat punch someone more in my whole life.

    • tal

      Why would you look up someone’s information on CCAP shortly after their passing? That’s not ok! Their families are still grieving. However, I do agree with you about the fact that it’s a good thing that they did not hurt anyone else. Drinking and driving is so preventable and I’m still unsure what make people think that it is okay to drink and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.IT IS NOT OKAY TO DRINK AND DRIVE.

  • fartknocker


  • gabriele

    I’m pretty sure if they were white the whole story would be told it was lewis birthday of course he was drinking lewis was not driving the car Ashford was. Ashford is not a drinker. You should really be ashamed of yourself these headlines are ridiculous their families have to see these lies. It was a tragedy yes but it wasn’t a drunk driving. The police report says it was from the girlfriend she had been along with the majority of the party drinking it was her fiancés birthday she and Ashford’s wife had to witness their loved ones die and this is what youput out into the community. Let a white anything get into a crash the whole story would be told punk ass racist ass Fox 6 and for Osama whatever u ain’t gone show your true self because u just like these fraud ass people r.i.p

    • NO Trolley

      Hey Gabriele,take YOUR racist Ho Beyonce attitude and shove it. You are just mad the victims weren’t White.

    • Fred

      The news story above indicates “Family members and friends in the vehicle in front of the vehicle Ashford and Lewis were in told investigators the men “had been drinking all night.””
      If what you say is true, the family members gave a false statement to the police when they said THE MEN, not man Lewis, WERE DRINKING ALL NIGHT.

  • Gavin

    Two people have died… “People” whether they where black or white, or Muslim or Christian, it doesn’t matter. These two men had families, loved ones, people who cared for them and people they cared for. Who cares what CCAP has to say, why bother even looking them up on CCAP, what business is it of yours to get dig into there lives? It’s to bad you get to hide behind your stupid name Obama Bin Laden, I’m curious to see what CCAP might have on you? Maybe a drunk and disorderly at a Klan meeting? Take your B.S. else where.
    These two will be missed by there family and friends of all races because they where loved.

    • Lavada

      They were loved. Antoine was hard working man. Who worked side by side with my husband for many years. He cared for his family very much and put their needs above his own. I always marvled at how much he loved his son. I will always remember him as a generous, fun loving, gracious, kind, and thoughtful person. He was able to put aside petty differences and showed loyalty and determinatation. He will be missed everyday by they family and friends he left behind.

  • Lavada

    Antoine Lewis was a good man and a loving father. He only ever had 2 traffic tickets. The rude and racist comments on this thread are just terrible. Lewis’ widow and family have to read this bs. To the family and friends I am so sorry for your loss. This was an avoidable tragedy. My heart breaks for your whole family. If I can ease your burdens in any way please let me know. Xoxo Vada

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