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Tax fraud, identity theft scheme: One of three Milwaukee sisters headed to prison

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MILWAUKEE — One of three Milwaukee sisters charged in connection with a tax fraud and identity theft scheme has been sentenced to prison.

38-year-old Angela Staten was sentenced to serve 14 years in prison on Tuesday, February 9th for her role in the scheme. In addition to the prison time, Staten has been ordered to serve 14 years extended supervision.

Angela Staten

Angela Staten

Angela Staten must also jointly repay $202,520 in restitution to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Angela and her two sisters, Sharon and Tawanda, were charged with a total of 90 felony charges in February 2015 for filing fraudulent income tax returns following a two year investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s (DOR) Criminal Investigation Section.

The three sisters are being prosecuted by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for being part of a scheme where 2,000 fraudulent tax claims were filed between January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2012.

The scheme attempted to get a total of $960,175 in tax refunds, but the agency blocked $725,785 in fake claims, or more than three quarters of the fake returns, by following the patterns that the Staten sisters and their accomplices used when filing.

DOR’s Criminal Investigation agents referred the case to the Milwaukee County DA’s Office in April 2014 following an in-depth investigation that gathered evidence against the Staten sisters.

This includes evidence that was gained when DOR’s agents executed search warrants against all three on May 31st, 2012, which turned up documents, computer files, fingerprints and other evidence that listed hundreds of stolen identities with names, dates of birth, and social security numbers.

Staten Sisters’ Criminal Charges

  • Angela Staten faced 40 felony charges for identity theft, fraudulent claims/income tax credit and false representation for crimes committed between 2010 and 2012.  Angela’s accomplice, Anthony Coleman was incarcerated at Fox Lake Correctional Institute.  Coleman and Staten told inmates Angela would help file their tax returns, and Coleman provided fellow inmate names and social security numbers, which were then used to file false claims.  The Fox Lake Correction Institution provided this information to DOR, and this tip helped agents with their investigation.  In November 2012, East Troy police arrested Angela and Coleman during a traffic stop.  Police found handwritten notes in Staten’s purse which included personal information of three prisoners, as well as a fake income tax return in her own name
Sharon Staten

Sharon Staten

  • Sharon Staten is expected to be sentenced on Friday, February 12th.  Sharon faced two felony counts related to identity theft and fraudulent claims/income tax credit for the crimes she committed.  When agents executed the search warrant in May 2012, they found 58 prepaid debit cards, mail, personal papers, invoices, and bank records concealed in a plastic bag in a Huggies diaper box.  They also found approximately 25 receipts and invoices with her alleged accomplice’s name, James Cross, listed on the documents.  The notebooks and papers found contained the personal information of 300 people, and had notations as to which returns had been filed in Wisconsin or the IRS, bank routing numbers, prepaid debit card account numbers and account passwords.
Tawanda Staten

Tawanda Staten

  • Tawanda Staten faces 28 felony charges including identity theft, fraudulent claims/income tax credit, and false representation for the alleged crimes she committed between January 2011 and December 2012.  Tawanda used fake wage and tax statements to file her refund claims and returns, as well was fake rent certificates to obtain homestead credits.  According to the criminal complaint, she often used the identities of inmates incarcerated in the Mississippi prison system.  DOR’s law enforcement agents found notebooks and scrap papers listing hundreds of stolen identities with names, dates of birth, and social security numbers at Tawanda’s residence when the search warrant was executed in May 2012.  Agents also found fingerprint evidence, computer files and prepaid debit cards that matched the fraudulent returns. Tawanda has a jury trial scheduled to begin on February 29th.
Sharon Staten, Tawanda Staten, Angela Staten

Sharon Staten, Tawanda Staten, Angela Staten


  • Lashonda

    having had my identity stolen some yrs ago I’m glad these thieves got caught. what possesses people to try and steal from the government is beyond me. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT! temporary happiness spending that money is not worth it. 14 years in prison is a bish.

  • bl

    It would have been so much easier had these girls just worked for a living. I wonder if their mother and father taught them this behavior? I have very little respect for something like this.

    • warthog

      Yes the adult children raised these other adult criminal children, it’s called Latent Learning-Latent learning occurs in humans. Children may learn by watching the actions of their parent(s) but only demonstrate it at a later date, when the learned material is needed. For example, suppose that LaQuon’s Dad Aunt, drives to the liquor store every day and mean mugs the clerk while stealing a 24oz. Old E. In this way, LaQuon learns the route from his house to the liquor store and how to act, but he’s never driven there himself or stolen anything, so he has not had a chance to demonstrate that he’s learned the way. One morning Laquon’s Mom has to leave early to go get some blunts, so she can’t drive Laquon anywhere. Instead, LaQuon remembers the route to the liquor store and goes on his stolen bike. This demonstrates latent learning. Laquon had learned the route to the liquor store and how to steal/rob it, but had no need to demonstrate this knowledge earlier because of his Aunt, Mom, or who ever are raising these animals. Here’s an example:

      • Ricky

        This VIDEO has nothing to do with these charges!!! WHO RAISED DYLANN ROOF? he did kill nine innocent church going people? You HOG!!! 🐽🐷🐖😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fred

    Looks to me like they used their smarts in the wrong way….time for prison. Maybe the Milwaukee criminal justice system should sit up and take notice how the Federal justice system works…Let’s see, felony thugs steal cars at gun point in Milwaukee and are let out of jail after 10 months – maybe they are let go with probation only. Smart women steal money by filing fake tax returns with no guns involved and get 14 years in prison……..hmmmm, can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t look right………

  • stryker

    Listen ladies, this is what happens when you don’t OBEY the LAW. Everyone else has to pay taxes if you didn’t know. Now you know. It’s hurts being stupid doesn’t it?

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