Senate to vote on bill allowing voters to register online

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MADISON — Wisconsin residents would soon be able to register online to vote under a bill the Wisconsin Senate is taking up Tuesday, February 9th.

The bill has drawn opposition from Democrats, who support online voter registration but oppose some of the bill’s other provisions. In particular, Democrats are worried about the elimination of special registration deputies, who help register voters in person leading up to an election.

The bill’s Republican supporters say online registration will solve the need for those deputies. Democrats say the lack of assistance could disenfranchise students, seniors and low-income voters.

The Senate plans to take up the bill in an 11 a.m. session Tuesday. If approved in both Senate and Assembly, online registration could be in place by the 2017 spring primary.


  • molon labe

    Yeah, voting online….that’s safer….that can’t be manipulated, probably even EASIER.. If Voting WORKED, they wouldn’t let you do it. It’s proven not to work.. Wake up

  • carol brzezinski

    NOT A GOOD IDEA.  This would open up a big kettle of worms.  It is quite scary to think of who would be registering.

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