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Violence or vigilantism? Teen beaten, stripped after allegedly attempting carjacking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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MILWAUKEE -- Was it violence or vigilantism? A teenager accused in an attempted carjacking tried fleeing the scene -- but a group of men had another idea. What happened next has led some to call the suspect a victim.

Witnesses say the teen was severely beaten by the group of men.

A photo of the boy left lying in the snow has gone viral.

The photo has some wondering whether the young man deserved it.

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

A large fight unfolded on Monday afternoon, February 8th near 33rd and Scott on Milwaukee's south side.

"She heard people speaking loudly outside. They were carrying one person and they just slammed him down on the floor," one witness said.

The witness, whom FOX6 News is not identifying, heard cries.

Her son translated for FOX6 News. He said his mother saw a violent scene from her window.

"When they tossed him down on the floor, everyone surrounded him and started kicking and punching him, doing whatever they could to him," the witness said.

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

Police say this all began one block away, shortly before 2:00 p.m. when two people tried stealing a vehicle.

The vehicle's owner caught them -- and one suspect took off in a getaway car, while the other ran down the street.

"They started tugging on his jacket, shoes and pants," the witness said.

The 15-year-old boy was stopped by a group of men.

"As he was laying there practically naked, they still kept beating him and laughing at him," the witness said.

The group of men left the teen disoriented, laying in the snow.

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

"He seemed like he didn`t know where he was. It seemed like he was confused at that point and he tried standing up, but he just fell right back down in a pile of snow," the witness said.

A photo of the boy laying in the snow was posted on Facebook.

"Some people feel that he deserved it. Some people feel they should've called the police," Tory Lowe, community activist said.

The photo shows the boy passed out on the ground -- in only his T-shirt and shorts.

"We have to save our youth before they are killed, before it's too late," Lowe said.

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

Attempted carjacking suspect beaten & stripped near 33rd and Scott

Police say the teen was arrested and they're now looking for whoever took the photo -- as well as the men who beat him.

Milwaukee police released this statement to FOX6 News on this incident:

Milwaukee police are investigating an attempted auto theft that happened on Monday, February 8th, around 1:50 p.m. in the 3200 block of W. Madison Street.  The victim observed two suspects in his vehicle attempting to steal it.  He confronted the suspects who fled.  The suspects attempted to enter a get-away vehicle and one of the suspects was successful.  The second suspect was confronted and punched by the victim.  The second suspect continued to flee on foot.   A witness attempted to detain the second suspect, grabbed him by the pants pulling them off, as the second suspect climbed a fence and continued to flee.  Shortly after, an unknown person battered the second suspect and posted it to Facebook.  MPD is working to determine who battered the second suspect.

The second suspect, who is a 15-year-old Milwaukee male, has since been arrested and suffered a minor injury during this incident.  Once the investigation is complete the case will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office for charges against the 15-year-old for attempted motor vehicle theft, and the person responsible for battering the suspect.

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  • Carlito

    Would it have made him a victim if he was shot instead by a law obiding citizen defending his self? The kid got what he deserved, complete embarrassment and he gets to walk away from this with a life lesson, other then having a funeral for him! I 100% approve of the way this was handled.

    • randy

      This is a good example what can happen to these kids that think they can do whatever. Glad the help was there so this punk theif didnt speed away and crash killing some more people. We need to start helping others and watching ourselfs. The police cant be there when this happens.

      • TED

        As long as Barrett and Flynn are in office this will continue. Next week Tuesday the 16th everyone has an opportunity to change that. Vote Barrett out of office.

    • Fred

      I must respectfully disagree. The Judge with a 3″ 410 PDX1 is by far the most effective choice for obliterating the smug face of any vermin that decides to engage in criminal behavior.

    • urabo

      Even when the court lets him go (after all, he is from a privileged class – black) he’ll remember the whuppin’.

    • TED

      As long as Barrett and Flynn are in office this will continue. Next week Tuesday the 16th everyone has an opportunity to change that. Vote Barrett out.

  • The truth hurts

    He’s lucky he only got a beating. People are tired of these young punks doing what they want without remorse or punishment. How many people did he victimize before this? Maybe he’ll think twice before he tries this again. People who look for trouble are usually never disappointed. Maybe these kids should stop looking for trouble.

  • stupid

    you must be related to him lol he should of been in school where he belongs in the first place. get insurance??? why don’t people stop stealing!!! you lack common sense

  • adey

    Where are his parents? Why was he not in school? Hes not a victim they caught him red handed,they young man should get charged.

    • megan

      His mother mad about what happened to her son and the pic being posted. She stated “yea he has stolen cars in the past”.. So guess what She knows what her child has been up to and ain’t doing nothing to keep him from ending up dead or in jail. I’m a single mother with an 8 year old he would have been shot. When it comes to me and my child I don’t have time to think about what else to do . My only option Shoot.

  • G Man

    Too bad the citizens of that neighborhood who are fed up and protecting their neighbors are the criminals. If I’m on that jury, I say let the men walk

    • judge brown (sober now)

      Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict of “Not Guilty” despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged. The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding.

    • Kari

      Sorry. That little PUNK THUG got exactly what he deserved. Period. Come to Waukesha and I bet you get shot. The little POS got off lucky.

  • Mark

    the group should’ve hog tied his ankles and then tied them to the back bumper of the car he was trying to steal, then go ahead and spend 5 minutes doing donuts in a parking lot. Bet it’d be awhile before he thought of trying to steal another vehicle….. least a few hours anyway.

  • Charles

    Got what he deserved!
    Tired of these losers destroying the city.
    Shouldn’t have been out carjacking.
    NO SYMPATHY FROM ME! I hope they beat the brakes off his a??.
    No telling how many people he victimized and didn’t get caught.
    Karma! Harsh, but still Karma! Besides that the system would let him right back out on the streets. Bet he think twice before he try that again!
    Now lets hear how good of a kid he was?

      • Fred

        What, you don’t think he wanted a gun prior to this? Either he hasn’t been able to buy one off the streets yet or else he hasn’t been able to steal one yet. No doubt if he had access to a gun he would have had it and used it…..too bad the Owner of the car didn’t have one.

  • Ari

    When my boyfriend and I got our car stolen, we were on our way to visit his mom for breakfast and she was in panick because we told her we were leaving and she didn’t have a cell phone. She sat at that restaraunt for 2 hours in panic. We had lost hours of work, we had lost hours of sleep, and our investment. We were stranded and couldn’t even get to the grocery store without asking others for rides. We were returned the vehicle with a 100$ towing fee and burn holes and trash all in the car. I had left my identity in there, my passport and ID. They threw it in an alley on the north side. This is one of the biggest rough patches I went through. I know a girl who was carjacked at gun point in Milwaukee. These kids will destroy our entire city if we don’t give them punishment and rules, we can’t let them get away with the harm they have caused to people.

    • Cordaiempress

      Same thing happened to me. I was missing school and work. I had to pay people for rides. Then I had to realize who was really there for me and who wasn’t. I ended up dropping out of school because my school was not on a bus route. To make it so bad, the boy who stole my car has been arrested so many times since he stole my car. Every time he goes to jail I get an email from I just feel like he didn’t learn his lesson because he didn’t have any lasting consequences. He only got 3 blocks away from my house before the police caught him. But not before he crashed my car in a high speed chase . My car was totaled. I didn’t realize my car was stolen until hours after he was caught. The police never contacted me. I had to contact them. After this happened to me, I moves out of Milwaukee. Best choice I’ve ever made. I now live in a small town in iowa where the population is 478 plus me, my husband and kids. I will never move back again. That boy posted a picture on facebook saying whose car can I peel today. I have the pictures of him on the ground that the victim posted after he beat him up. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

    • WritesOnParade

      That is the exact street where my car was found stripped of it’s engine, transmission, cat converter cut off, back seat smashed out so they could get in my trunk and steal everything in there too. It was done in the open alley and rolled into the street. You think people on this block care about crime? Hell no, not one person called in their neighbors for stripping cars out in the open. My car hasn’t been the first one found there and it won’t be the last. The police do nothing to figure out who these criminals are. These guys are beating up kids when their own property is being taken but couldn’t give a darn about anybody else’s problems. Not only was I out $100 on towing but I had no car to drive to job interviews while I was laid off from my job, my car had a brand new b-pipe and muffler along with brand new tires that I only had 1k miles on. The junker hauled the husk of my car away for $50 and I got nothing from insurance. The police took some pictures but didn’t have any confidence they would find who did it because while every neighbor there knows who the thieves are they never talk.

  • Opinion8d

    @ Sherelle Smith – I’m sorry, but this thug would have not thought twice about killing someone for a ‘materialistic’ object. He’s a POS -not a boy, not a victim, but simply a POS that will be in jail and hopefully dead before he can reproduce (if he hasn’t already). While this justice may seem like Brazilian justice, I’m glad to see someone getting that a$$ kicked -just wish they would have shot him dead. I don’t car that he’s 15 – eff him!

    • Sherelle Smith

      Guess what though.. We are all victimize we are all struggling with different sins some of us just get caught.. U aren’t perfect u maybe a cheater or a drug addict do u deserve death for being human for doing wrong and learning to do right.. I don’t agree at all what my Lil cousin did but I say this life is to short to take someone’s for a mistake u were a kid once.. Don’t act like u came up in this world perfect because u didn’t… We all have hidden agendas some of us just don’t know how to keep them hidden… He deserved a old fashion ass whooping not death… Some of y’all most of y’all that’s commenting are rapist, child molesters, sex offenders, drug dealers, drug addicts, cheaters and liars learn to judge your own life before you are so quick to judge somebody else’s.

  • Opinion8d

    Do you realize what you are saying??? Think about it!!!…..They arrest teenagers with guns, after committing crimes with guns -actually arrest them, and yet they are out walking the streets. What the hell do you think someone is going to do about pictures?

      • Mohamad Johnson

        Actually he didn’t get what he deserved, if he did he would be buried. He will never amount to anything accept to be a burden to taxpayers. His entire family is nothing but garbage and welfare recipients. If all these punks were killed on the spot the world would be a much better place.

  • Obama Bin Laden

    Yes Yes Yes. Since the mayor and police chief wont deal with it this is how you get stuff done. I guarantee he will think long and hard before he pulls this crap again. Now, when he heals put him in jail. That’s Justice.

  • dylan

    He deserved it, hey he is alive he could have been shot.. he was carjacking this kind of behavior needs to stop and the punshment must be swift and rememberable so he got what he deserved good job citiens!!!

  • Cameron

    I know this kid. He is NO victim. He is a piece of crap. He has stolen so many cars. They put him on a bracelet. Oooooh….big whoop. He cut it off and was on the run for 2 months. He lacks any sort of empathy what so ever. He got exactly what he deserved. Finally!

  • Cameron

    It’s not violence or vigilante. It’s about time!! Hey, don’t steal cars or you might wind up with your butt whooped, in your undies, in the snow. He is NO victim. He is a repeat offender.

  • Pam

    Anyone who actually lives in Milwaukee aren’t the ones saying, “just call the police.” Hello the police can take days to get to you, a car jacking in their eyes is not a matter to rush to….. No sympathy here, its called Karma, if little Boo boo was in school this wouldn’t happen.

  • Trisha

    Good ole whipping. Nice very enjoyable news to hear early in the morning. It must have been theraputic with every blow he received for the victims. Kudos, keep up the good work! Just don’t injure them so bad that taxpayers may incure more costs, we want him to walk in his cell not use a costly wheelchair. Great work team.

    • ante numquam

      Then please tell me what justice is then Leo. First of all he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. Let’s start by how he was raised. He was probably raised in the hood by a broken family with nothing to do all day but sit around and run around with who ever is taking care of him, if anyone. This cycle cannot be broken unless lame ass parents get off their asses and start educating themselves on how to take responsibility and when and when not to open your legs. Adult Children are raising these children:

  • Mark Robles

    Violence or vigilantism? How about JUSTICE! People have had enough with these punks committing crimes and being given a slap on the wrist by the law. The police can do nothing more than arrest them and the courts set them free. This needs to change or there will be more acts of “JUSTICE” exacted on these criminals by citizens! Commit crimes, face the consequences!!

  • Pucho

    I would’ve razor blade his ass and pour salt all over him. Stupid writer, what if he stole from innocent people that can’t retaliate back. Wish it was 187 to get rid of one less banger.

  • Itsaboutime

    I saw this thugs mother on the news last night and lady you got a lot of nerve saying that your “boy” didn’t deserve this beating. Why wasn’t he in school? Last time I checked school is still in session at 1:50 p.m. Monday through Friday. You should be “fined” for your “boy” being truant. My daughter was a victim of an attempted carjacking this past January. Her car windows were smashed out and things in her glove box were thrown around inside her car. Guess what lady, I had to pay the $500.00 deductible for the insurance to pay to have her windows fixed. My hard earned money came out of my savings account, not yours and your thug “boy”. Then your stupid comment last night on the news about what people are posting about your “boy” and not one time did you apologize to the victims that have been carjacked including my daughter. You should be ashamed of yourself and your thug “boy” should be locked up for good. We law abiding citizens are sick of this S*&# and guess what, your lucky your “boy” didn’t get SHOT. You deserve no sympathy from me at all PERIOD. Strap up all you law abiding citizens.

  • Anon Ymous

    Unbelievable!! This kid tried to steal a car, and now he is being called a victim?!? Call the Police? What will the Police do besides nothing, they have a less than lazy approach to anything in the city that is not murder. I feel bad that this 15 year old got beat up so badly, but had his parents (which I assume there is a lack of) maybe disciplined him, and gave him a spanking once in his life, he would not be trying to STEAL A CAR. Tory Lowe, you are an idiot, I suspect your children behave like animals, and you excuse it because you a pathetic excuse for a parent. Grow up, and take responsibility for raising your children!!

  • FED-UP

    Fox 6, your liberal bias of painting a criminal as a victim is the problem. People are getting tired of being victims, and the police doing nothing. Thank your pathetic liberal Mayor and Flynn Milwaukee. The law abiding citizen is now blamed for protecting their own property, and fined to clean up the mess the criminals make.

  • Sheila Moyet

    I have no pity for this criminal. Citizens are getting real tired of having their property stolen or vandalized. It’s time for us to take back our neighborhoods since the police can’t do it and Barrett is too afraid to take action. Maybe these thugs will think twice if we stand up and say, “NO MORE”!

  • warthog

    In other words (Cube’s) maybe they can relate to–“you better check yourself before you wreck your self, because you’re bad for their health.” I hear ya. Hollow points are bad for your health too. Sayin’

  • John

    This guys a thug that got what he deserved.
    They rob and steels for fun. targeting the weak.
    We’re are his parents?
    Why wasn’t he in school?
    If he is really is 20 something years old then the media should do a better job of fact checking before telling specific details.
    Its a game of roulette out there nowadays, law abiding citizens are sick of this stuff.
    He’s lucky, he didn’t get shot or even killed.
    I hope this make him a better person.

  • Julio

    FOX6, this is a joke. If someone attempts to carjack me, there’s a good chance they will get shot, and it will have been legal. Nobody would be calling the kid a victim. But he gets beat up, walks away, and you’re suggesting that shouldn’t have happened? Get a clue. Vigilante justice is necessary. They didn’t torture him, they just beat his ass. Far worse is done to less deserving people.

    While I hope it never happens to me or my loved ones, I must say, there will be at least one less potential carjacker roaming the streets after I get done with him. God bless the second amendment!

  • chris

    Milwaukee needs more vigilante justice. The hood monkeys are out of control and need to be dealt with like the vermin they are. I’m suprised hasn’t deleted all the comments because everyone is showing no sympathy to this poor black victim.

  • shockedonlooker

    Kid is lucky we’re not looking at a picture of a body bag. Those who work are working TOO HARD, doing the jobs of three employees just to have a job. Not giving up what they slave for so easily. These guys should do no time. People are tired of calling police after the crime, all they do is want to shoot you and your little dog too. I’m sure this little banger had to get “jumped in” anyway so he’s been kicked before. Hopefully since he is planning to do it again, someone will be carrying and save us the tax dollars.

  • Unbreakable

    As a 36 year old Black Man born & raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I must say I have absolutely no sympathy for him. He had it coming. The Car Jacking victim could have been you or me, and it could have resulted in death for the victim. I am tired of some not all young black men in this City who make it harder on Men like me. They make us look bad. Hopefully he learned his lesson otherwise…he will end up DEAD or in PRISON. There is no other alternative.

  • Ernesto

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    He shouldn’t have been stripped of his clothes, but if you are going to try to carjack someone, expect to get a beatdown.
    He’s tried to steal cars before, and nothing was done about that?

  • Linda

    Why does this woman need a translator?? Does she not speak ENGLISH? Isn’t that a requirement for LEGAL immigrants??

  • Mark

    do white carjackers actually exist? I’m pretty sure thats some urban myth….. right up there with bigfoot and the lochness monster.

    • curveball

      I think white guys just find a car somewhere for like bank robberies and such. I don’t think the whites aggressively car jack as much as the blacks though. White people do more stupid crimes like getting stuck in a ceiling or some weird naked white guy running down the freeway etc…

  • Fedup Blackman

    Yes. Save our youth.Get married, have two parents, teach your kids manners, teach them right from wrong. Raise a FAMILY…not another tax deduction or supplement to your welfare income. Start caring and RAISE these damn kids.

  • Pam

    I could not AGREE more, have the parents foot the bill for their Children’s jail sentences, ankle bracelets, supervision , a probation officers fees etc and I BET you will see a change!

  • Rick Reichle

    I am not a genius in any way, shape, or form but I have a theory that your odds of being severely beaten go down exponentially if you don’t try to carjack a vehicle.

    • Fred

      You my friend have insight which must be shared with the illiterate youth that runs rampant in this city………….if only they were reading these posts, or could read at all………..

  • Bat Man

    I’m having problems seeing why anyone should feel sorry for this kid. Young kid (definite NOT a man), multiple carjackings, obviously other criminal activity( doubt he JUST steals cars), please MORE remorse for a criminal. Guarantee you if this kid stole your car, “I would kick his/her butt if I got ahold of them” would come out of your mouth when you walk outside to see a blank parking spot where your car would be. It’s his parent’s fault for atrocious parenting (admitting to knowing your son is a deuche bag) and it’s his own fault for being such a moron. Put this kid’s face up everywhere, “Here is what happens to you when you break the law and have no regard for other people other than yourself, Signed, All The Good People”. Hope you turn your life around kid because you are contributing nothing to your life or the world around you. Have fun in court! I’m not sorry it’s this kid they are making an example out of, every day I turn on the news and someone stole someone’s car, it’s getting sooooooooooooooooo old.

  • Bat Man

    HAHAHAAHA! How is life on Mars? Speaking of things that we “love”, I love that you think carjacking is a non-violent crime, “Please step out of your automobile kind Sir, it is now mine, thank you and have a nice day”

  • Bat Man

    What’s the deal with everyone needing someone else’s ride so bad, don’t they know Milwaukee has a Bus System?

  • chandler

    So mant exaggerations! How old is he really? 14, 15, 20? And he was not stripped. Some clothes were removed. He wasn’t naked. Good thing the police didn’t get there, they would have been accused of some wrong doing themselves. This kid is an old professional thug, no matter his age. No matter his color! Maybe the guys who beat him were black. Do we know? Shouldn’t matter. This kid is on his way to really hurting someone. And his Mama? You created this . Maybe the guys were tough on him. But defending themselves and property. Tired of the race card. Really?! Wrong is wrong.

  • Chris Abele's AA sponsor

    Everyone who took turns beating this ni*let should get $50 from crime stoppers and tickets to a Brewers game.

  • unicorns and rainbows

    Why does Fox 6’s bleeding heart liberal criminal victim drivel not surprise me? Who running the newsroom Father Groppi? Ashley Sears should experience a car jacking or two to wake her up.

  • Barbara Dreyfus

    People of Milwaukee are tired of having their cars stolen by these punks, and I speak from experience. The DA does absolutely nothing to these kids who get caught, so they go back out on the street and do it again. The mother of this teen acknowledged that she knew her son has been out stealing cars with his friends. So maybe her ass needs to be charged as well! As for the beat down, maybe he now has learned his lesson. These kids do not respect the fact people spend thousands of dollars on cars. Yet these kids seem to think it is all right to steal them and smash them up with no regards of the owner’s expense. So I am having a real hard time feeling any kind of sympathy for this kid, especially since this is not his first time committing auto theft. Further more the DA should take a good look at charging his mother as well. Obviously this kid should have been in school instead of running the streets. This damn kid got off lucky, he very well could have been shot and killed had it been someone that was armed. Perhaps this needs to be a warning to other teens people are no longer going to stand idly by and have their vehicles stolen.

  • RJK

    He is not a kid. 15 is way mature. He could be charged as an adult in criminal court. Someone needs to make repercussions happen as the parents, courts, society is not. If we don’t, this will continue and escalate.

  • Regressive liberal hater

    Disgusting Leftists

    So now they claim black criminal thugs attempting violent crimes are victims

    Drop dead

  • Donald

    The idiot got what he deserved. Instead of going to school or go work at McDonald’s you wanna go steal cars. Next time you will have to think twice b4 trying something that stupid. People work hard for their cars. The bastard is lucky some Good Samaritans saved his ass. If you were in Africa you would have been set on fire. There’s zero tolerance for thieves. The victim in this case is the owner of the car. 99 days for the thief one day for the owner.

  • Silas

    Attempted carjacking?? Where does it say that in the police report? And, if your pants fall off while fleeing, don’t say you’ve been stripped. Violence or vigilantism? Can we have a third choice? So many things misleading about that headline. BTW, given the real situation, it was a perfect outcome. Kid wasn’t hurt badly, and maybe he learned more than if he were scolded by a judge.

  • curveball

    You’ve seen stupid white crimes. White guy getting arrested for taking his riding lawnmower to get more beer, white guy won’t come down from scissor lift with case of Miller High Life…You know there’s a difference.

  • Jim

    Ha ha ha…..nice to see people taking a stand against garbage… He totally got what he had coming to him…high five to the teachers who tought him a life lesson

  • Randy

    Carjacker Lives Matter too. Cmon people just give your stuff up if someone wants to rob you. If they want your car, throw em your wallet too and offer up your wives and daughters too while you’re at it. It’s societies fault not the thieves! USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!

  • BG

    Glad the thug got what he deserved. We work hard for ours and these thugs think they can take it. White or Black. does not matter what race, what financial class you fall under. if you take without the ok well you deserve to be beaten. I bet he was a good Kid…NOT!!!

  • Kirk Billingsley

    The Milwaukee Police built this! When you do not fight crime, crime exist. Milwaukee is the Harvard of Pimp Schools too with the sex trade, Liberals that rule for 75 years in a city , create a corrupt and lawless land. So this thugger got what he deserved. It’d not the officers it’s the Mayor and the JOKE of a P.C in MKE

  • Rick

    Attempted carjacking.
    Got what he had coming.
    Tory Lowe says “we have to save our youth before they are killed ” Tory, you need to start a whole lot earlier with their kind.

    • GareBare57

      Victim……..he’ll be leading the next BLM march. Victim…….he’s inner City Mentor material. Victim……he’s Democratic Alderman material for this great City. Victim….he’ll be one of Barretts advisors in 5 years. No….No…..No. They won’t stop at victim. He’s Prime Democratic Material. This kids got a future in Mayor Barretts Milwaukee.

  • ofaycat

    That beating may be just the thing that changes this punks mind about a life of crime. Thieves deserve whatever they get … Thou shalt not steal Mofo ….

  • Reggie

    I think he got what he deserved. Too bad they couldn’t get both of them. These kids think they can do what they please. People are tired of it. He’s lucky he didn’t get shot and killed. Maybe now he will see that that kind of lifestyle isnt worth his life

  • Cameron

    This kid’s mother smokes weed with him. Fact. She is probably 14 years older than him and treats him like her friend instead of her child. I am so tired of the violence in our schools and our streets. This kid has stolen cars and upon return to school THE NEXT DAY brags about it. Another kid shows up at school in stolen vehicles to pick up his homies. Maybe the police should have a higher presence near our schools. A kid walks out? Boom. Cops get him. A fight breaks out in the parking lot or the street? Boom. Cops are there. A kid shows up to pick up his friends in a stolen car? Boom. Cops are there. Our schools are hot beds of crime. It is disgusting. Teachers fear for their own safety on a daily basis. This kid got what he deserved. Governor Walker, re-open Ethan Allen so we have a place to put these wanna be thugs. And hey, wear a belt. Maybe then you won’t end up in your undies after you try to run from your attempted car jacking. I am tired of all of this crime at the hands of children. I’ll be voting for Donovan. Something needs to change.

  • Nicky

    First off there should be no chargers against the man who did that to him!!! And as for the teen he should spend life in prison to set an example for all the little other teen car theives! He’s lucky he only got a beating and didn’t get shot. People in Milwaukee are tired of their cars being stolen as for one calling the cops during an attempting car theift doesn’t do a darn thing I know from first hand experience they showed up over a half hour after I called them!!!! I ran out the front door and two people run out the side door at my house and confronted the kid and he took off but as for the cops they didn’t do anything but do a slow drive by the house! And two weeks before this my vehicle was stolen so we’ve been on edge at this house making sure they don’t steal it again! So as to them saying that they should of called the police? Umm yea kid would of gotten away like what happened here so at least the kid was detained not in the fashion that police would of liked but at least the kid isn’t dead and has a chance to face the criminal charges of car theift!

  • Bartman

    Oh, the double standard you suggest does, indeed, exist; just not as you imply.
    If he was white and had gotten beat down by a crowd of Blacks, it wouldn’t have even made national news.
    White people get beat down and stripped of their clothes WITHOUT EVEN COMMITTING A CRIME and it never “goes viral”.
    So spare us the faux outrage over your false narrative.

  • Angry Dad

    Donovan said he would not charge the individuals that beat the carjacker. He supports the right to self-defense. For that reason alone Donovan just secured my vote. Thug got exactly what he deserved for what he did.

  • stryker

    Truth to Liberals is like Salt to a Slug. Are you high libertarian? This is Merica’!
    You try to steal, (which is wrong) and you get beat up or killed. I’ll fkin shoot somebody if they come up to my door, but I’ll be ready because I have situational awareness, something most people do not have, that’s how they become victims. They stick their heads in their phones and are preoccupied or easy targets.

  • Jim

    What some call vigilantism or violence is actually the public administering appropriate justice for the commission of a crime. When you try to steal someone else’s property, you are actually asking for a beating. Just think about this, if he didn’t try to take something that wasn’t his, that someone else likely worked hard to pay for, why would you even consider not kicking his butt? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time (or get publicly embaassed with a nationally publicized beating and left in your underwear). People who think what happened to this young criminal is wrong are what’s wrong with America today. If this young misguided youth were doing the right thing, as in being in school or working for a living, he wouldn’t have to explain to his friends how he was left in his underoos in the snow.

  • RedHot

    Sounds like the ‘stripping’ was his own fault, because he ran out of his clothes in an attempt to evade justice.
    But he should not have been beaten, any more than was necessary to hold him for police.
    Don’t try to get away from people who are holding you for police, and things like this are much less likely to happen. (The other half of that is that the good citizens who were stopping the criminal can’t use excessive force.)

  • Mack

    There was no beating…the 15-yr old “boy” fell down some stairs…nothing to see here, move along. So let that be a lesson to other miscreants…don’t let it be you that falls down some stairs.

  • Joe

    If i knew who beat this punk i would get amnesia, he lucky he didnt pull this in a stand your ground state or encounter someone with a CCW PERMIT carry concealed weapons

  • acknowledge truth

    People are racist because blacks make up 12% of the population but commit about 80% of crimes and a lot of theft and violent crimes against whites..those numbers are worse in Milwaukee, look it up yourself (fbi census statistics). Stop whining about “racist” people who are sick of you and try to teach your out of control youth about honor, respect, integrity,the value of hard work and maybe they’ll stay out of trouble.

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