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Protesters storm into media room ahead of debate: “All our voices together – going to be heard”

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MILWAUKEE -- Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders went head-to-head on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which hosted a debate on Thursday, February 11th. The debate took place just days after Sanders declared victory in the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire.

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

There was a strong police presence all day on Thursday on the UWM campus leading up to the debate at the Helen Bader Concert Hall.

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

Protesters, mainly with the group "Fight for $15" took their message to the streets outside the debate. They also brought that message inside -- in front of local and national media gathered for the debate.

Their voices spilled into UWM's Student Union as they stormed into the media room across the street from the Helen Bader Concert Hall.

Corneil White

Corneil White

"I`m out here to stand with the people today," Corneil White said.

White and the others with the "Fight for $15" movement are pushing for an increase to the minimum wage. They want the $7.25 minimum wage increased to $15/hour.

"You put all our voices together -- it`s going to be heard," White said.

The voices of those fighting for an increase to the minimum wage blended with countless others to support everything from environmental causes to the effort to protect workers' pensions.

Carl Whiting

Carl Whiting

"Our view is not a Democratic view or Republican issue. It`s a fundamental right of everyone for safe drinking water," Carl Whiting with 350 Madison said.

"We`re hoping they will do the right thing. Get on board and stop this devious act," Bob Amsden with the Wisconsin Committee to Protect Pensions said.

Just as strong were the voices supporting Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

But when it comes to politics, you cannot please everyone.

"A socialist and a criminal are having a debate tonight and everyone is cool with that? I`m not cool with that at all," Tom Anderson, libertarian said.

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

Protests during Democratic presidential debate at UWM

Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News no arrests were made during the debate.

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  • Gordon ghecho

    If I had a business and had to pay everyone that amount of money it would close. Then the “be careful what you wish for” would kick in to the 15 folks wondering why their welfare was cut. I know many immigrants that cleaned toilets worked in factories for a lot less and put their kids through school and provided food on the table. Growing up in a very poor part of the city when I was a kid I know first hand that the ones with broken families with unwed mothers were the ones that didn’t make it off the block. These protesters waste more time holding their hand out rather than going out and creating their own job or educating themselves to set them free from the inner city democratic socialist strangle hold. I don’t care about their 15 agenda nor does most of the hard working folks.

      • Gordon ghecho

        Your great grandpa was the one that gave me the 1.40 /hr job and made it out of the hood. I still pay part of your heat on me utility bill if everyone ever noticed the extra charge there. So cry me a river.

      • buzz

        well tamika, if they get $15 an hour something will have to give, employers are not going to pay all workers now that wage, maybe go back to school to make that higher wage, or maybe use your public assistance more frugally

      • buzz

        also tamika , a majority of those people are payed to protest they are not actual people wanting that wage,maybe take all that money they are putting out for t shirts ,banners, etc and give it to the people that need it!

      • Common Sense

        It is easy to see that you did not pay attention in your English classes. Maybe if you would finish your education, you could get a job that pays more. I started as a cook at an A&W restaurant for $1.50 / hr. I went to Technical College many years ago, got an associates Degree & now make $37.00 / hr. If you want it you have to work for it. Get off your lazy, fat ars & make something out of your life other than a Baby machine.

  • Michael Groves

    Corneil White also said, “I’s tired of livin in proberty” The word is “poverty” you poor illiterat fool. Enough said as to why he’s not being paid $15.00 an hour. Being ignorant, and illiterate isn’t a virtue. Maybe you should ax for Strenth Can’t speak correctly, and thinks he’s owed $15.00 an hour. LOL

    • Rebecca

      Michael Groves, socioeconomic backgrounds affect people greatly. And, no one chooses what socioeconomic situation they are born into. The ruthless “work your way up” attitude doesn’t necessarily hold true for everyone, because not everyone has the same advantages. Some people are fortunate enough to have financial help while working their way up (i.e. from their parents/families) but that isn’t the case for everyone.

      Actually, the wealth gap in this country is severe…the US ranks 4th in the world in regards to income inequality. That’s a problem.

      That being said, I don’t agree that minimum wage should be boosted to $15 an hour. I agree it should be increased, but $15 is such a drastic increase that it WILL cause inflation and huge huge economic issues. However, I think in conjunction with increasing minimum wage (to a reasonable degree) we should come up with other solutions to narrow the wealth gap (i.e. higher taxes for wealthier individuals)…you can only raise wages so much before it just causes another set of issues/economic collapse.

      At any rate, everyone is entitled to their opinions…but can’t we discuss these things without insulting each other??

      • Common Sense

        When I was growing up, my parents (Yes 2 Parents) instilled the fact that if want something you will need to work for it. I have had jobs since I was 10 years old (cutting grass, paper routes, etc.) If you can’t afford children, DON”T have 4 of them by age 25. No sympathy here.

      • Rebecca

        Common Sense,
        I’m glad you had two parents (not every child is so fortunate, remember), were taught well, and worked to get where you wanted to be. But, your personal situation is but just the experience of one individual and does not necessarily speak for everyone’s situations. You really don’t know other peoples’ lives, what they were born with/without, what type of family or neighborhood they were raised in, etc. It’s not fair to use your own experience as means to judge how everyone else “should” live their lives or what is appropriate for this country/people as a whole.

        You mentioned not having children if you can’t afford it –I don’t know that it’s exactly that simple/cut and dry, but I’m going to leave that discussion aside to just ask: how does that help those kids that born into that poverty? I mean…it isn’t the kids fault. And so if they’re born into an unfortunate situation, “too bad so sad” –is that it? They should just “work for it”…? And, if they grow up in a poor neighborhood, with poor education, violence, etc. you don’t think that has anything to do with how that individual might come with more disadvantages than some do? I don’t know your situation, and nor do you know anyone else’s, but, I don’t think that’s fair to say without walking a mile in someone else’s shoes…

      • .

        Plenty of people have worked their way out of poverty even after serving prison terms and having nothing when they got out, quit making excuses for them it’s their own fault. Of course we’ll have to wait for a real president again to close the wealth gap.

      • Rebecca

        I definitely understand that there are people that dig themselves out of the crappiest of situations and that it isn’t totally impossible. Additionally, *quite a few* of the very wealthy people in this country did NOT exactly work (hard or even at all) to get where they are…

        I am not saying that people shouldn’t have to work for what they want. I’m not saying that people should just get a free pass. I also stated in my previous post that I do NOT agree that $15 is reasonable.
        There is definitely a “grey” area, here. Unfortunately, in politics, it’s typically a “this vs. that” battle. “liberal vs. conservative.”

        The fact that a great many people have to work 100x harder than others just to make a somewhat decent living, however, isn’t really fair, and the number of people that fall into that category is growing.

        There ARE things that can be done to make *opportunity* much more equal… improving public K-12 education is just one basic example. (It’s disappointing that even though K-12 education is often brought up into discussion, not a whole lot is ever done to fix the issues.)

        I don’t know if you’re the original “Michael Groves” I responded to, but the reason that I even replied with what I did is because without even knowing Mr. Corneil White, Groves immediately jumped to calling him “illiterate” and a “fool”. And, it makes me really sad that this isn’t an uncommon response from people in this country. It’s sad that instead of empathizing for each other, helping each other, and working together, we ruthlessly attack each other and pretty much tell people who are struggling to “get better grammar, and suck it up and get to work,” without even knowing the person.

        My post disagreed with the drastic increase to $15 and supported discussing other solutions, too. I don’t see what is so upsetting about that. I empathized for people in bad situations… I never said that they shouldn’t have to work at all. Why does everything have to be left or right, black or white? That’s simply not how I personally view the world, so I apologize if my ideas/views are not being understood.

        I don’t expect to change yours or anyone else’s opinion, and I am honestly not usually much for debating politics with anyone, because I’m not exactly fond of politics to begin with. But, what I can’t stomach is when people have to insult other people like that. Especially publicly. It’s sad, it’s unproductive, it’s disrespectful, etc.

  • Isabouttime

    Tamika, there are jobs out there you just have to try like everyone else does. My daughter went to a 4 year college out of state and during that 4 years of being in college she worked 2 jobs plus went to school full-time plus had to do homework and spend numerous hours in the library doing research papers. Stop making excuses and motivate yourself it’s that simple.

  • Mark

    Raising minimum wage raises the price of everything else. People are so stupid. and these are supposed to be college students?

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