Milwaukee police: Officers save two men from apparent heroin overdose

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Milwaukee Police Department MPD

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say the quick actions of several officers from District Seven helped save the lives of two men suffering from an apparent heroin overdose on Wednesday, February 10th.

Officials say the officers were on patrol near N. 51st Boulevard and Hampton Avenue when they were flagged down by a citizen who said there were two men not moving inside a car a few blocks away.

A 23-year-old Minocqua man and a 29-year-old Sussex man were found unconscious inside the running car. The officers turned off the car and began to give aid to both men who appeared to have just used heroin.

Narcan, a medication used to reverse the effects of overdose, was given to both men who then regained consciousness. The men were then transported to a hospital for further treatment.

The Minocqua man faces charges of Operating While Intoxicated, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana). The Sussex man faces charges of Possession of Paraphernalia and a Violation of Probation for distribution of heroin.


  • Anonymous

    As someone who is on their way to recovery from heroin addiction, thank god they lived. As for the dealers that are irresponsible and evil. They are cutting the dope with fentanyl, addicts think this is the best they have ever had just to watch as suddenly it all fades to black and they are either are saved or die. While I and a friend were saved, these too were saved, there is so many others that are not so lucky. Me and my friend LEARNED from our mistake and are using it to motivate us to be better people and again rejoin and become PRODUCTIVE members of society. The cycle of high/sick no longer appeals to us at all, plus almost dying together with eachother scared the ever living sh– out of us. Plus all the legal ramifications that go with it. We can’t take back what we did but CAN make ourselves a new and bright future without dope. Save yourselves and save others! Stop the fentadope train and quit! Or you or someone you know can become another statistic, all while making some jerk off, cold-hearted dealer richer off your death!!!!

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