“Never thought I’d have to use it:” Two Milwaukee police officers hailed as heroes for using life-saving drug

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MILWAUKEE -- Several Milwaukee police officers are being hailed as heroes, and what they did is saving more than just a few lives. 

"We knew then and there it was a possible heroin overdose," said Colin Ulatowski, Milwaukee police officer.

Milwaukee police officers came across a deadly scene on Wednesday, February 10th.

"We could see opiate-based type drug paraphernalia, heroin-type paraphernalia," said Evan Domine, Milwaukee police officer.

Two people were found unresponsive in a car near 53rd and Hampton. But they weren't the ones in danger.

Colin Ulatowski

Colin Ulatowski

"Driver's foot was on the brake and vehicle engaged in drive," said Colin Ulatowski

Officers leaped into action.

"At that point, we didn't know if they were going to make it," said Ulatowski.

They gave the men "Naloxone," a life-saving medicine that can reverse a heroin overdose.



"Never thought I'd have to use it, the heroin problem is pretty, it's pretty ridiculous. It's hard for these people to kick their habits. But just to actually be there first on scene, to have to administer that, to see the reaction," said Ulatowski.

The drugs worked, the men were saved -- and possibly even more lives.

Evan Domine

Evan Domine

"If it would've gone any further and his foot slipped off the brake they would have gone into traffic on Hampton and may have caused a fatal accident," said Domine.

The Milwaukee Police Department District 7 captain says the officers deserve recognition.

"As a police officer it's not just about patrol, it's not just about investigation, you're also a first responder," said Boris Trucinovic, acting Milwaukee District 7 police captain.

Not just to save lives, but maybe even change them for the better.

Boris Trucinovic

Boris Trucinovic

"These guys have a chance to sit back and say OK, maybe I should make better decisions with my life and they have that opportunity because of these guys here," said Trucinovic.

The officers involved will receive "life-saving" commendations at a ceremony later this year. The captain says he is proud of the entire department as they prepare and are trained for situations like this one.





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    Let them OD!? Yeah, cause apparently you are perfect and this could never happen to you, or your family member huh? You would just rather staND there and watch them die before your eyes. Shut up. I’m a recovering addict who Narcan saved. I LEARNED FROM MY VERY GRAVE AND HORRID MISTAKE, SHOULD THEY HAVE WATCHED ME DIE TOO!? Think before you let that slime ooze out your mouth, cause to have compassion is divine.

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