“Totally worth it:” High school senior buys Valentine’s Day flowers for all 900 girls at his school

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High school senior hands out 900 flowers to girls at school in Smithfield, Utah.

Valentine’s Day arrived three days early at Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah.

Student Hayden Godfrey passed out 900 carnations to girls at his school, “and it was totally worth it,” he said.

The grand gesture goes back to Godfrey’s freshman year, when he passed out flowers to about 30 girls, he told CNN affiliate KUTV.

“I thought as many people as possible should be happy on Valentine’s Day,” he said.

This year he coordinated with the school administration to pass out the flowers during fifth period on Thursday with the help of 20 volunteers.

“I don’t think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls.” Hayden, 17, said in Facebook post.

The gesture was apparently well received.

“Thank you so much! You are incredible!!! I will never forget what you did for every girl in the school today!!” one student told Godfrey on Facebook.

“Thank you so much!! It quite literally made my life this week,” said another.


  • trisha

    Valentines is a waste of time and money for all those poor guys running around trying to get flowers for their future ex girl or wives. We don’t want flowers we want money and not having to work. We want our boys to work themselves to the bone while we relax and leech of them. That’s what they taught me in women studies, just saying.

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