Sweethearts’ candy messages through the decades: From “Please send a lock of hair” to “On fleek”

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Over the last 150 years, Sweethearts’ candy messages have evolved from “Please send a lock of your hair” to “On Fleek.”

Originally called ‘conversation candies,’ Sweethearts have served as edible love notes since 1866.

But the messages on them have changed over time.

19th Century examples:

“Good luck: None but the brave deserve the fair.”
“Time is money”
“Time flies”
“Good luck: Strike while the iron’s hot.”
“Postal card to Miss: May I see you home after the circus?”
“Postal card to Miss: Please send a lock of your hair by return mail.”

Turn of the century examples:

“Fair but fickle”
“Shall we elope”
“Come to my arms”

1950s examples:

“Hot dawg”
“Heart throb”
“Marry me”

1990s examples:

“As if”
“Page me”
“Cool dude”

2000s examples:

“Girl power”
“Time out”
“In the mood”

2010 examples:

“Love bug”
“Text me”
“Tweet me”

2016 examples:

“On fleek”
“Sweet tweet”
“Me + you”