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“A Day Without Latinos:” Hundreds to rally in Madison in protest of two controversial bills

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MADISON -- Businesses across the state of Wisconsin will shut down on Thursday, February 18th in solidarity with Latinos, who say they want their neighbors to see what would happen if they weren't here. "A Day Without Latinos" rally is planned for Thursday in Madison -- and it is likely to draw hundreds, perhaps even thousands of protesters focused on two very controversial bills making their way through the Legislature.

A Day Without Latinos

A Day Without Latinos

"This is really important for us.  Everybody is supporting us. The whole community," Omar Barberana, Voces de la Frontera volunteer said.

The Voces de la Frontera office was buzzing on Wednesday ahead of the rally at the Capitol.

"From here we have already five buses and they are all filled up," Barberana said.

If you've ever wondered what a day would be like without Latinos -- you'll find out on Thursday.

A Day Without Latinos

A Day Without Latinos

"We`re going to have a caravan going to the steps of the state Capitol," Barberana said.

Businesses, like the El Rey grocery store chain in Milwaukee, for example, will shut down.

"(Thursday) is closed. Everybody to Madison," Alejandro Rivera said.

Rivera's western wear shop is one of those businesses that will be closed.

Alejandro Rivera

Alejandro Rivera

"It`s very important to my community," Rivera said.

Latinos plan to protest two controversial bills: Assembly Bill 450 and Senate Bill 533.

Assembly Bill 450 is known as the "sanctuary cities" bill. It would involve fines for cities that prevent police officers from asking people about their immigration status.

Republicans say it's about making communities safer.

Critics say it promotes racial profiling and creates fear.

"They are not going to be able to call the police because they are going to be afraid of being asked for papers," Barberana said.

Assembly Bill 450

Assembly Bill 450

Senate Bill 533 would prohibit cities from issuing their own photo IDs.

Republican lawmakers say the state gives out free IDs and city-issued IDs are confusing and can lead to voter fraud.

Critics say it will make it more difficult for minorities to sign up for basic needs.

Senate Bill 533

Senate Bill 533

"These laws are going to be hurting our communities," Barberana said.

The photo ID bill has already passed the Legislature and is sitting on Governor Scott Walker's desk.

The sanctuary cities bill still needs to be approved by the Senate.

Protesters plan to leave Milwaukee for Madison at 8:00 a.m. Thursday.


  • commonsense

    If you are not a legal resident or citizen you shouldn’t be allowed to have ID or vote. You can’t pick and choose what laws to obey! If this bill would make things difficult for you, then get your priorities into gear and do what you need to do to get legal status. Life isn’t easy for most people who ARE here legally – if you’re here illegally, what makes you think things should be ‘easy’ for you and that you should have the same luxuries as someone that pays taxes and abides by the law?? I don’t know if I’m missing something.. but nothing in the laws specifically states they targets latinos. Are the protesting latinos insinuating they’re all here illegally?

    • Christy

      I don’t think you need to be rude to a hard working American tax payer who’s just trying to understand why you have an issue abiding by the laws that legal Americans must. Why should you people be able to buy someone else’s identity to be able to get food share, housing. Free medical care ect..when we have vets who have risked their lives for the freedom that we all love are Dying cuz they can’t get medical care and are homeless cuz the Latinos ect are sucking this state and country dry. Why would anyone want a sanctuary city unless you want drug dealers and gangsters protected. Isn’t that an oxymoron? You supposedly come here because you’re afraid of the drug cartel but it’s ok if they’re in our country selling drugs that are killing our white youth? I think we should be more like Mexico of you’re illegal we throw you into a stink hole and no one ever hears from you again!

    • panem et circenses

      It’s not his country, but you and yours can lay claim to it….makes no sense. You accuse him of making racial comments, but your opening was white looking ancestors or something like that….your comments were based solely on race, makes no sense. You are bonkers and that’s why people think your ideas are irrelevant.

    • Barry Preston

      While serving in the lay person prison ministry over the last 10 years, one thing is certain, if Illegals want to become legal, they DON’T sneak in. I asked a group of gentlemen I was ministering to what the laws in their home country does with people illegally in their country. No surprise that they all agreed that one would be registered (pictures, fingerprints, etc.) and after that process REMOVED from the country, they were all from Mexico and when I proposed the U.S. adopt that policy, they all pulled back and said “NO”. Apparently their country is so horrible, that the risk of getting caught and put in jail is better that staying in Mexico. Sad for them, maybe Mayor Barrett can run/win election to help run things there as well as he has done in Milwaukee..

    • TheWiseOne

      LOL, no one in this comment section is seeing the big picture…
      Illegal people WANT to be legal, because they value the life that everyone else in America says “if you’re here illegally, what makes you think things should be ‘easy’ for you and that you should have the same luxuries as someone that pays taxes and abides by the law??”

      Here are some things to REMEMBER:

      1. Illegal people pay taxes!!! =.= (LOTS TOO!!)
      2. Since health insurance is not a luxury to have, so when someone is hurt, well…… OUT OF POCKET $
      2. What makes you think America is a place hard to live in? Have you ever lived like per say in a third world country?



      So, the big question is:

      America is supposed to represent freedom, right?

      So, if this country is becoming more RESTRICTED with laws, does that mean this is not America anymore?


      I am extremely DISAPPOINTED in the American nation, this is why the whole world is laughing at us, waiting for us to crumble. BECAUSE WE CANNOT GET OURSELVES TOGETHER.

  • JamesOJones

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  • buzz

    if you are here fine , if not adios!! they should have ins there checking green cards, also on your news program the el rey owner says he was closing not to support them , but the fact no one was going to show up for work,

  • Frank B

    This state has over 5 million people living here and a rally that may draw hundreds to a few thousand gets a lead story! We need to stop pandering to the few and concentrate on what the majority legal law abiding and tax paying citizens want in our cities and state and country. So tired of a fraction of the population getting all the attention over issues that they do not comprehend. Just a bunch of sheep being told where to go and what to be mad about. What economic sense does it make to have cities produce id’s when the state already handles this?! stop believing the so called “critics” and start thinking on your own.

  • larry

    What happened to the NAFTA agreement by Killary’s hubby Bill. The north american free taco agreement or nafta spells out clearly that taco’s should be free for latino workers that can’t vote. just sayin.

  • Kari

    If you are here LEGALLY and pay TAXES, then there is no problem! If you aren’t here legally, then you are do NOT deserve the benefits of a LEGAL citizen, period. How hard is that to understand??

  • Kari

    Again, if you are here LEGALLY and pay TAXES, then there is no problem! If you aren’t here legally, then you are do NOT deserve the benefits of a LEGAL citizen, period. How hard is that to understand??

    • Sarah

      The legality and taxes is not my point. My point is they profile by race. Would you constantly want to be challenged to prove your citizenship, EVEN when you are clearly a citizen. You aren’t getting the big picture. It’s the profiling harassment that comes with this kind of ruling. You must live in Perfect, USA. Lucky you.

    • standup500

      As a person who is legal and pays taxes, I found your post utterly DISTURBING!!!

      Illegal people do pay taxes!!! Believe it or not, these taxes go to help pay senior citizens of America for their social security.

      If an illegal person does not pay their taxes, they are on the road to jail.

      So, lady one day you will be living off of the paycheck of illegal immigrants. How do you feel about that?

      And here you are bashing out without a care in the word, instead of helping them, for one they they will help you.

  • Frank B

    Sarah- Not every Latino is being attacked here! I carry my “papers” every day. It is called my legal state issued drivers license that everyone who is here legally can and should obtain. Stop believing the profile hype. If police get a description of a suspect, then they will be looking for someone who fits that description. That’s not profiling, that’s called doing their job! Do what the majority of the legal residents want to see done. If illegals don’t like it, follow the steps to become a tax paying citizen. Stop making this issue so complicated!

  • Wade

    I’m Mexican and Puerto Rican. I think it’s a good thing the state is doing this. I’d done live on the south side of milwaukee nor do I ever plane to. The Hispanic population that lives and works there does this to themselves. I’ve worked hard to get the things I have never getting a handout from the state or city programs. I was born in Milwaukee and have never been to Mexico. My entire family is from the United States for that matter. What they are doing sure is degrading to those of us who try to be functional members of society and work hard for what we have. If you want to live in the United States then follow the rules of the United States. Otherwise go back to were you came from. I’ve been stereotyped by Hispanic people all my life because I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t act like them. I’ve been told I act “white”. I’m American and I love this country. My alliance is to this country and to its American citizens. Not some people who are coming here ask for a handout. They can stick it!!!

  • Marco

    I heard that kids are going to pose as parents calling to excuse their kid from school protest, but not actually go to the protest. It’sa perfect skipping set up. Did anyone else hear that?

  • Angry Dad

    These common sense bills are necessary and in the common interest of all citizens. The protesters can go back to Mexico if they think this is so bad.

  • Maria

    No one is better than another person. But some people have more benefits and rights as legal citizens. That is true internationally. Without that fact, citizenship becomes pointless. Any immigrant who legally becomes a citizen is as American as anyone descended from immigrants of the past. Anyone who chooses not to become a citizen is not guaranteed the rights and benefits of American citizenship. Our path to citizenship is clearly defined. It is not like common law marriage, where presence over a period of time makes you a citizen. It is a legally binding commitment. And, as others have stated, this is not a statement about just the Latino population. These laws affect ALL who thwart the proper process.

  • Jon Thorell

    Sovereign nations have laws regarding immigration and eligibility to work. These laws are well known and long established. These people were fully aware of the laws when they came here and broke our laws. We must enforce our laws and re establish the correct process to immigrate/work legally. The longer we wait, the more complicated, costly and contentious this becomes. Our health care facilities, schools and prisons are struggling with illegals. Business’s will have to start paying living wages to legal worker when order is restored.

  • Michael

    How about? A day a Latino lses their job day. That way they could noard bus’s, and go back to Mexico, and protest the Mexican governments treat of Latino people? Which by the way. The Mexican government are Latino. . Look a day without Latino’s won’t effect me a bit. So shut the hell up. You hypacrit bastard’s. If your not willing to protest your own country (Mexico) then shut the hell up. I am so sick of this argument of. They only want to be free. No they don’t. They want to tell you how your suppose to respond to them.

    • Christy

      I’m pretty sure Tamika was born here. She has every right too be here! If you were brought here in chains I’d be more sympathetic to your mean entitled attitude! Her grand or great grand parents may have been brought here against their will as slaves. Maybe the illegals with attitudes drugs and a knowledge of how to play our system should get a taste of. Slavery. To make you a legal citizen. I’m really tired of the 11 million of you that come here and throw your toilet paper on our bathroom floor and drain your oil in car washes so our cities incur expenses to stop water from backing up into our homes. It’s no wonder u can’t drink the water in Mexico.

  • Ana

    Greetings Common Sense,
    Before you tell someone to learn and use English properly, you should do that too. Clearly, you have to improve your English grammar skills. By the way, English is not the official language of the United States; therefore, no one has the obligation to learn it. Yes, it’s the most common language, but its not the “Official” language.

  • panem et circenses

    What a terrible article. Is Fox organizing the protest or providing information to the public regarding the content of the bill? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Lame, but what else would one expect from the liberal media?

  • panem et circenses

    Your entire argument is bunk. You left out the true owners of the land, the people that Native Americans killed to take the land. Our was it the people that those people killed first. Where does it end? It ends where you say so?

  • RBS

    My feeling is that if you have nothing to hide then photo IDs save people. I do not understand why the protests everyone should be thankful! Having to show ID to vote or travel or banking is NOT an imposition on privacy but law that we must all obey.

  • Ifitsnot1thingitsanother

    Just remember, we are all replacable. There are a lot of Asians coming into the workforce legally and replacing those who do not want to come to work. So remember, we should all obey the laws of the land…because after all no matter what race you are…WE ALL ARE REPLACEABLE..think on that!!!!

  • David John Francis


    Facebook has become very political, as I have been indefinitely banned from authoring anything that is positive about Donald Trump and his promise of a diverse America. For a while I had access to the Facebook websites of Iowa, New Hampshire media and I was beginning to write commentary in South Carolina when I was supposedly temporary unable to write anything, after a dialogue box said when it popped up. Have you tried to communicate with FACEBOOK? I haven’t even received any answer back about my grievance from this monolithic Social network. But then, I have been blocked to make any comment in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Salt Lake City Tribune, American Thinker, Raw Story, Reason, Hollywood Reporter and of course ABC News. There are others, but I don’t want to waste my time on them.

    Now we have the Vatican sticking its nose in American domestic affairs and our politics. The Pope telling his millions of zealot flock that Donald Trump is not a Christian, perceptibly because of his boiler plate issue that the majority of the US population are fighting mad with mass illegal immigration. Does the Pontiff want to spend some of their cash, hidden in the Vatican bank? They have arrived here and stayed, with the far reaching executive orders that Barack Obama has wrought on the 93 million American and permanent residents unemployed. His majesty has completely disenfranchising immigration law from being enforced. Of course no impending President can do anything about it, until this Imperial Administration comes to an end? The Republicans who came into power could have impeached this current President, but failed to do so. That’s why we need an ‘Outsider’ as Trump to re-navigate our way out of this economic chaos and stagnation.

    When you hear about the poll numbers from such newspapers, as the Wall Street Journal that Donald Trump has dropped below Ted Cruz I tend to think it suspicious. These Polls have specific agendas in either political Party control that particular polling the way it engineers the wording; so I don’t put much faith in what they stated? I don’t trust any Richard Murdocks’ news implants, and Trump will illustrate how wrong they are? I will just wait and see?

    Trump for all his billions is still up against a profusion of ultra wealthy people that run America and like it to stay the way it is? They cannot buy him so they are spending millions to corrode his successful run so far. The attack ads originating from Sen. Teddy Cruz, Jeb Bush comes from giant companies and is echoing their half-truths across the TV, Radio, and the Internet. But of course anybody who acquires money from Lobbyists of the affluent must sometime pay it back; meaning influencing votes in Congress to open the Southern border ever wider to cheap labor or government contracts going to a crony who puts in a bid, more expensive than other bidders. It’s certainly corruption all the way to the powerful Senators and Congressmen/ women at the top.

    These mainstream media are an accumulation represents a monopoly of either a consortium of Corporate Media that is the essence of GOP establishment that owns the print industry. The Democrats on the other hand are determined to gain one-upmanship over the Republicans to add even more illegal alien families costing taxpayers an estimated $$200 billion dollars, which by pandering to them expects their vote. To reiterate, I have noticed the sudden appearance of a whole host of low readership media, recommending the sickness of the Leftist lifestyle where everything is for free, but eventually are controlled by government bureaucrats; they really run your life and even you’re breathing to some extent. However, thousands of other press outlets are not biased to my commentary about Donald Trump. It’s seems very odd that an disabled old soldier like me and his elderly colleagues who fought in the Viet-Nam war, would cause any consternation among the powerful newspapers that never tell the whole truth anyway? They instead are hoping to influence the less educated with the spin doctors specifically on illegal immigration and the poorly arranged FREE TRADE agreements, we are expected to swallow whole without any outcry.

    Trump knows what he is talking about, that’s why global corporate and giant industries hate his guts as he is spilling all the beans about corruption and multi national bribery. Trump had for a very long time was on the opposite side as a giant building developer Manhattan, New York who has been approached many times by Special Interests and has used lobbyists himself to buy his way into politicians pocket. He knows the corruption that rules inside the Capitol, that has lined the pockets of lawmakers for unknown decades.

    Have you noticed the silence from the Democrats and GOP establishment, hardly a word in this competition, where silence reigns about the illegal immigration invasion? Yet it’s the paramount issue that impacts American workers jobs, lowering of wages and the theft of jobs. Caused nationwide by no accountability in hiring foreign nationals in lieu of citizens and green card holders by business employers who think they are above the law. Around the country we have already recognized the complete disregard for law by city authorities allowing ‘Sanctuary Cities’ to survive. Death by illegal alien has run rampant for the past for at least a decade and it’s only just truly surfaced with the Death of Kate Steinle in the tainted Sanctuary City of San Francisco. Over 425 cities and other communities have sprung up, ignoring immigration laws. Federal ICE detainer’s are completely unobserved and illegal alien are being released back on the streets. The Steinle killing set off a public outcry and for once the Congress was listening. However ‘Kate Law’ never got enough votes to pass, thwarted by the Democratic Senate. We have seen 137 criminal aliens released with no consideration for citizen’s welfare, and the damage done.

    The numbers of foreigners already here are suspected for more than reported by the Census Bureau? Every day there are more and more, because the US Border Patrol has been told to ‘Lay Off’. If Trump becomes President the massive wall will be built and every new enforcement devise will be introduced including Mandatory E-Verify and a Biometric scanning exit/entry tracking system at every entry point that the prior and current administration failed to place any obstacle to the invaders.

  • Reasonableness & common sense

    What it all boils down to is: If you are here legally, you are good to go. If you are here ILLEGALLY no matter what nationality you are, go back to where you came from since you are ILLEGAL!

  • Michael

    The bills are not controversial at all. Only if you are not a legal citizen. Hmmmm. Maybe you should get LEGAL. What a concept.

  • Cheyenne

    Dear Scott Walker,
    Sign the bill please. I would LOVE a day without illegal latinos!!! Better yet, a week, a month, a year, heck, the rest of my life without listening to their ungrateful whining. American citizens have rights, illegals don’t. We don’t need them here and we don’t want them here. They are about as welcome here, as we are in their country. This gringo says, “Go back to your country and FIGHT for the kind of government you want.”
    And get rid of the ISIS training camps in your state while you’re at it. Thank you.

    • Wade

      Elisa, I’d assume you are of Mexican heritage. Well so am I and I’m on the side of the state. Regardless of where you’re from them you need to give proper paperwork and not break the first law of being here illegally regardless of your reason for being here. Since the topic of Latino immigrants is what is on the table and they have such pride in their culture then you have to ask yourself why don’t they make a difference in their own country and try to make things better. I could go all day on this topic. And I have facts to back it up. And I don’t have to call people names to prove my point.

    • Gg

      Lol I dont think it matters to tou if the latinos were illegal or not you just racist against the race in whole. They were fighting for all immigrants here trying to get a better life not just latinos. You just chant AMERICA without knowing who made it.

  • Jay J Jameson

    One protester said that he wanted American benefits. NEWS flash! People pay taxes and plenty of them for military protection, inclusion into social security and medicare, and voting for country leadership. All this other freebee stuff is not free! Taxes pounding down the backs of people are paying for ALL of this ‘free’ stuff…which most people who pay taxes do not get!

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