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Review: Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men delivers fresher feeling skin in 60 seconds

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MILWAUKEE -- Clarisonic has sold over 10 million skin cleaning devices for women, but this time around they are targeting men. A new device called the Alpha Fit is a high tech skin scrubber made just for a guy's face.

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Men aren't exactly known for their skincare regimes - according to a recent Clarisonic survey, a third of guys use body wash or a bar of soap to clean their faces, 14% use a face wash and 9% use plain old water. Clearly, there is an opportunity for improvement.

Alpha Fit comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Alpha Fit comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

I tried out the $190 Alpha Fit (provided by the company) in two ways - first, in the shower for a few weeks. The device looks like a little vibrating egg with a brush on top. The brush doesn't spin as I thought it would, but the bristles move back and forth at an incredibly high speed. The waterproof device is super simple to use and only has two buttons. One turns it on, the other toggles between a 60 second cleaning or an 80 second deeper cleaning. The battery is excellent and the device never needed charging in the few weeks I was using it.

Count 'em: 26,000 bristles.

Count 'em: 26,000 bristles.

To use the Alpha Fit, you just squeeze some face wash on the top (Clarisonic includes a sample of their great-smelling wash, but I also used my own) and press a button. Immediately, the device springs into action and you just move it around your face to scrub away. It's quite a gentle process, which will likely lead some guys to push it down harder on their face for a "better scrub," but you'll find that's unnecessary. When you step out of the shower, your face feels noticeably squeaky clean and "tight."

The best way to describe the feeling after using the Alpha Fit is to compare what your teeth feel like after a dental cleaning versus just brushing them. It hooks you every time. In fact, I was looking inside the box for guidance on just how many times a week you could safely use the device since it made my face feel so good. It also makes shaving easier, too.

Facialist sold separately.

Facialist sold separately.

For a professional opinion, I took the device to facialist Suzanna Melendez. She has been using similar, professional gadgets for years to make celebrity (and regular people's!) faces shine. After running the Alpha Fit on my face she said it cleared off a layer of dead skin and agreed my pores looked smaller and "really clean."

Overall, the hurdle is pretty high to get guys to think about cleaning their face in a big way, especially one that costs $190. But once guys experience the "squeaky clean" feeling the Alpha Fit gives you, it almost sells itself. I only wish it was a bit cheaper.

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