Offender Watch: Milwaukee police announce launch of new sex offender notification website

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Police Department’s Sensitive Crimes Division has launched a new sex offender registration and public notification website called Offender Watch.

Officials say the new service is a citizen-friendly, easy to use website that enables citizens to search for sex offenders in their area. The information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is updated in real-time by the Milwaukee Police Department as offender information changes and is reported.

CLICK HERE to visit Offender Watch

"I think it's very important for people to know and feel safe about what's going on in their neighborhoods. It's constantly updated, as soon as we receive information that an offender has moved, we update the information. We get about 100 different updates a week that we have to enter into the system," said Milwaukee Police Department Captain of the Sensitive Crimes Unit, Aimee Obergon.

Right now, there are 2,300 sex offenders on the website.

Offender Watch

Offender Watch

By typing in your address, the site will give you pictures, names and addresses of sex offenders in a five-mile radius.

"It shouldn't be used to harass the offenders or their families but again, it's just an information thing -- knowing who lives in your neighborhood," said Obergon.

By clicking on the offender's name, you get detailed information about their crime and when their incarceration ended.

Offender Watch

Offender Watch

"It also contains specific information regarding the city ordinance that we have in Milwaukee, and determines whether the offender is in compliance with the ordinance, or if they're not in compliance," said Obergon.

The site cost $12,000 and two years to complete. Milwaukee police say it was worth the time and the price tage.

"Anytime the citizens have more information, that's always a positive for them knowing what's going on in their neighborhood," said Obergon.

There is also an alert feature on the website that allows you to set up direct emails sent to you if and when an offender moves within a five-mile radius of where you live.

There is no cost to use Offender Watch.


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  • .

    I thought they couldn’t live next to schools? I live right across the street from the school and a sex offender lives at the end of the block?! YUCK!

    • TNF 13

      Why do you assume that every sex offender is a risk to children? Why assume those that may be a risk to children are waiting to kidnap them off the street? Facts indicate that 95% of child sex abuse is perpetrated by someone known and trusted- like a family member or close friend. Darkness To Light also indicates that 85% of child sex abuse happens in one-on-one situations in a residence, not a school or playground. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of ex-cons on no registry at all because their crime was not sexual. Fearing the boogeyman because you are told to makes about as much sense as putting this new website up- none at all.

      • TNF 13

        Look up the facts on the issue. I doubt you will find much to indicate the laws are effective in keeping children safe. But then, if you are insulting people on a news comment blog, I doubt you care about the facts on the issue.

      • cindy

        Unfortunately the facts are true as a social worker. The other fact is some sex offenders are people who were 18 having sex with females who are 17 and 16 years; which many years ago was not even an issue. The other issue that annoyes me is if it was an 18 year old female and the male was 17 or 16 nothing happens. But if it’s a male lock him up and if the females pregnant put her on state assistance. I think the father needs to be out in the community working and being a father to his child not chilling in jail watching T.V. or working out.

        Over all I would be more concerned about the homeless sex offenders, whom are unstable due to the stress of having to find a new place to stay every three days or are sleeping in their cars or park benches. Have you read all the ordinances they have to comply with?
        Is the legal system setting them up for failure and creating more victims?

  • 0311 USMC Grunt, Author of Sarcasm

    There are thousands of creepers walking the streets of Milwaukee and the subs, scary.

  • Looking for real news

    “”It shouldn’t be used to harass the offenders or their families” that is hilarious that is the MAJOR reason its used lol the broad stroke they paint across this class of offender dilutes it into a population of the least recidivist of all classes of crime as demonstrated by the FBI and other crime statistics .. but ;-) that isn’t fun or salacious news .. what a joke .. didn’t this garbage stop being news like in 2006 or something .. hilarious 97% of crimes against children are NEW offenders … … .. don’t let these sites distract you … the money should have been spent teaching young parents understand basics. Things like No one should show an interest in you children larger than your own, if someone shows a greater interest in your kids than others, if they look to isolate or for alone time blah blah blah remember 97% are new offenders!!!
    The most important things work hard to have an open line of communication, and that has to start with the parents biting their lip at times look for adults or older kids paying special attention, touching that doesn’t feel natural to you, teachers/coaches/boss’s giving unearned extra credit or gifts.

    Yes there is a 3% of the offenders that are dangerous unfortunately the media and cowardly law makers will not put the genie back in the bottle and draw lines so a professional psychologist help make determinations, not the jokes the state hires in the system.

    Again dont let the registry distract you! Only 10 percent of perpetrators are strangers. 90% of new abusers are someone the child KNOWS, 60% are not related 30% are related! and the last 10… the real danger is fought by vigilance of parents … not the 3% the recommit

  • Kirby

    The tax payers of Wisconsin already fund such a web site. Why this need for a redundant site? Who is getting rich off these contracts?

    • TNF 13

      The same people getting rich off lying to the public about how dangerous sex offenders are.
      Plenty of great research that shows just how dangerous the average sex offender is. Does Wisconsin even do risk assessments? Doubtful. So they do not even know who the dangerous 5% are and who the rest are- and law enforcement is kept busying trying to make sure the people that peed in a bush are just so far from a school or playground. This garbage does not keep children safe.

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