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Undressed in Delafield: Daniel Cullen accused of exposing himself to trick-or-treaters

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Some in his neighborhood are calling a 33-year-old Waukesha County man a pervert for a lewd act he allegedly committed on Halloween -- October 31st, 2015.

 Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen

33-year-old Daniel Cullen is facing five counts of disorderly conduct in this case.

One parent is still fuming four months later over what happened on Halloween night.

"Obviously I wasn`t real happy about it. This guy is just a creep," the parent said.

FOX6 News is not naming this parent in order to protect his daughter's identity.

"My daughter was trick-or-treating, out with friends in Delafield. They get to a house, and knock on the door," the parent said.

Investigators say a group of middle school-aged kids got the scare of a lifetime.

"It has been an absolute nightmare," the parent said.

Investigators say Daniel Cullen appeared from an upstairs balcony of a home on Kings Way in Delafield -- completely naked.

Cullen home in Delafield

Cullen home in Delafield

Multiple children described seeing Cullen "moving his hips back and forth" and asking the children "do you want some candy?"

Police were called.

On February 23rd, charges were filed.

"They`re all misdemeanors. I was hoping that they were going to charge something more of a felony-related," the parent said.

Cullen home in Delafield

Cullen home in Delafield

Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen has a prominent job with his family firm, JP Cullen. The construction company is known for landing big jobs -- like the proposed Milwaukee Bucks practice facility.

On the company's website, Cullen is seen on a page proclaiming they're "inspiring the next generation."

Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen

At least one parent is asking that Cullen leave children alone.

"I`d say you`re a pervert. Stay away from kids," the parent said.

FOX6 News received the following statement from Daniel Cullen:


My attorney has advised me not to talk about this case and litigant it through the media. It's an ongoing matter that is in the courts. I will not make any further statement on this matter.

Investigators say Cullen told them he did go out onto his balcony, but he denied being naked. He then said he thought the trick-or-treaters were going to wake up his kids, so he went out onto the balcony and he "did not know they could see him."

Investigators say Cullen said he thought others might think the incident was funny, but then said "maybe, but then maybe not."

Cullen is expected to make his initial appearance in court in this case on March 31st.

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  • Reasonless

    I never met this guy, but in keeping an open mind, along with knowing from past history how Fox6 can blow a story out of proportion, I will hold back on condemning him from society.
    Kids can have wild imaginations while looking for attention.
    Why did it take so many months to file charges?
    Fox6 is always way too happy to smear the reputation of anyone that owns a business, or that happens to be in law enforcement.
    And of course, if he turns out to be innocent, Fox will never mention a word about it.

    • Reasonless

      I would do the same for you.
      May I suggest that you brush up on your reading and comprehension, along with leaving your racial hatred behind before sitting behind the keyboard and making a fool of yourself.
      I am only suggesting that people reserve judgement after reading such crappy reporting until all of the facts are in.
      If this person is guilty, throw the book at him.
      Time will tell.

    • Reasonless

      you are the cause of a continued problem.
      Until you open that tiny little narrow mind of yours, you will always be filled with racial and corporate hate.
      You are the person that can’t have an intelligent conversation with someone without shouting over the top of them with all of your racial venom.
      You lack the intelligence to reason and to learn from others.

    • Reasonless

      Your small minded comment about cops is just that. It is a true indicator of your lack of intellect.
      I will be the first to admit that just as in every work place, we have some bad cops.
      Bad cops come in every color and sex; they are not all white as you may think.
      So if we have a bad cop, your lame brain reasoning equates that into saying that all cops are bad.
      That logic is just as stupid as someone that observes a black man committing a crime saying that all black men are criminals.
      Your racial hatred has no logic, and shows you to be the true under-educated fool that you are.
      Until you decide to change, you will always be a hate filled narrow minded bigot. You will, if not already, let this hatred consume you.

  • Jessica

    Check this guys circuit court records- everything’s been dismissed, what’s that tell you?? For some reason he thinks he’s above the law! Maybe it has something to do with his name and the money they’re able to throw at attorneys. It’s time this pervert pay for his disgusting arrogance!

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