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Wisconsin man accused of trying to join ISIS challenges finding that he’s competent

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Joshua Van Haften

MADISON — A Wisconsin man accused of trying to join ISIS is challenging a finding that he’s competent to stand trial.

A psychologist filed a report last month finding Joshua Van Haften competent.

A federal magistrate judge in Madison gave Van Haften’s attorney, Joseph Bugni, until Wednesday, February 24th to decide whether to accept the ruling or challenge it by conducting his own competency examination.

Bugni sent a letter to the judge on Wednesday saying he’ll evaluate Van Haften with his own expert by April 29.

Van Haften was charged last year with trying to cross from Turkey to Syria to join the Islamic State. He could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.


  • This guy's a candidate (johnson/fbi)

    So what really happens as an informant works his target, sometimes over a period of years, and eases him over the line? For the answer to that, consider once more the case of James Cromitie [8], the Walmart stocker with a hatred of Jews. Cromitie was the ringleader in the much-publicized Bronx synagogue bombing plot that went to trial last year [78]. But a closer look at the record reveals that while Cromitie was no one’s idea of a nice guy, whatever leadership existed in the plot emanated from his sharply dressed, smooth-talking friend Maqsood, a.k.a. FBI informant Shahed Hussain.

  • buzz

    so he is competent to get to syria , but now gets caught and suddenly is incompetent? hmm. send him there and see what happens

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